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Samsung Galaxy S8 will come in Two Models, Both with Edge display and AI Assistant service

Since Samsung is working really hard to overcome Note 7’s tragedy, we can expect the new S series flagship very soon early next year. Since it is already in production, there are so many rumors now a days on Internet about Galaxy S8’s features and designs.

Earlier we read that the new Samsung Galaxy S8 might come with Optical Fingerprint Recognition and will feature Full Screen OLED Display. A new source today revealed that there would be two variants of Galaxy S8 with model number SM-G950 & SM-G955 and both these variants will come with curved Edge displays. Now that’s something interesting because usually Samsung brings only one variant with Edge screens, but this time it could be both.

Talking about design, we also heard Galaxy S8 may not have any home button and will come come with very thinner bezels. A Samsung executive also confirmed that the new flagship will come with ‘slick design’ and ‘improved camera’.

Samsung Galaxy S8_2

Another very important featuring rumoring now a days for Galaxy S8 is the phone may come with its own AI Assistant service. That is ‘Artificial Intelligence Digital Assistant Service’ like Apple’s Siri. Regarding the same, Rhee In-jong, VIV Labs management and Samsung Electronics, Vice President, said:

We are developing a key major interface which will bring about a totally new paradigm; an open AI platform. The current Galaxy smartphones need separate applications for users, for instance, to order pizza or coffee. But, the new AI platform will enable them to order (or do) things directly without going through separate applications.

Even if Samsung doesn’t do anything on its own, the more services that get attached the smarter this agent will get, learn more new services and provide them to end-users with ease.

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