Android 9.0 (Android P) Developer Preview ready to Release – Know more

Android 9.0 aka Android P is all set to release for Google devices in its first Developer Preview.

Good news for everyone that Google is about to release the next version of Android that 9.0 and will be named by the letter ‘P’. Yes many will say that we haven’t got the Android Oreo 8.0 yet, and we are talking about Android 9.0, but that’s the fact. The developer preview is ready and is in testing period for quite a few time now. This developer preview will be released for Pixel and Nexus devices for testing and after few months there will be a stable public roll out of the newest Android OS i.e. 9.0.

About the name, as the trend with Google, N is for Nougat and O is for Oreo, hence it will be named by P, as in Pie or Pineapple Pie. This makes sense as Google has always named their OS versions after a sweet dish, this is as per the latest commits by AOSP. A latest news by Mishaal Rahman, Editor in Chief at XDA, says that “Google is about the release their first developer preview of Android 9.0, preview 1, will be for Pixel Book, Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, this time they will skip the Nexus smartphones.

Expected release date of the Android 9.0 Developer Preview 1, is on March 14th 2018, which is celebrated as Pi Day. Google may reveal the stature or the Mascot and full name of Android 9.0 at Google IO 2018 which is happening on May 8th.

Talking about the expected features of Android 9.0, Google is going to change the User-Interface. Google will probably remove the white quick-setting tiles as it is not liked by many users. With Android 8.1 Oreo, Google gave us an option to change the white interface to dark, but have to use a dark wallpaper, this means we have to miss our favorite wallpaper. So this won’t be the case with the Android 9.0.

Next major change coming with 9.0 is the swipe gestures. As every device is going Full-Screen, bezel-less, going infinity Display, etc., and to make it full-screen Google need give user the swipe gestures without having the navigation keys eating out the bottom screen space.

Another major feature is the advance Google Assistant. They are already testing a new feature in Google Assistant which will let you change the name of the Google Assistant. So instead of saying “OK Google” or “Hey Google” you can name it anything and call it by that name, now this is something which will be loved by many. Google is also testing different languages with Google Assistant, and it will do many things for the users and it will be integrated with many other applications too.

That’s all we know about the Android 9.0, we will keep you updating about this, so keep reading and subscribe to our website to get the latest news of the Tech World.

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