How to use WhatsApp Payment?

WhatsApp has taken a huge step by adding UPI Payment to its Messenger

National Payments Corporation of India developed a real-time payment system which gained too much popularity and loved by many and that is UPI (Unified Payment Interface). This is one of the fastest and secure online payment facility available and is being used by few e-wallets and even the official apps of respective banks. Now another famous and top useful app in the world WhatsApp is rolling out UPI feature and this will make this app more useful.

This payment feature is now rolling out in Indian users too, and you can make payments directly from WhatsApp. Now, not everyone has got that payment feature in their WhatsApp, only the beta version or any app on verison 2.18.46 or above will have it. If you still don’t have that option, just check with your friends if anyone has that feature. Ask that friend to send a payment through UPI and you will get a pop-up to enable the same. Now below I will give you the step about how to make a payment through WhatsApp by the UPI option.

First you need to update to the latest version of WhatsApp and go the settings tab, a new tab is added there labeled as ‘Payment’. Then it will ask you to verify your number, preferably the one which is connected your bank account. Select your bank name out of the list and it will populate the account number which is linked with your mobile number and the one where UPI is enabled, although you can add multiple bank account too.

To make a payment you just need to select the person want to pay and click the ‘payment’ option under the attachment tab. Then it ask you to enter the amount and select the bank from which you want to spend the money. Simply enter your UPI PIN and the money is transferred with a confirmation too.

So life is getting easier day by day, thank to these advance technologies. Hope this will also add to it.

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