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A good logo can help gain an awesome first impression while presenting your brand profile. It needs a lot of efforts, time and skills to design a perfect logo for your brand needs. But instead of hiring an expensive designer, you can rely on some great online services to get this job done perfectly.

I have scoured the web for the best place to make a custom logo, and I found – DesignEvo, an excellent online logo design website, where you can make custom logo designs in a fast and easy way.

Features of DesignEvo Online Logo Maker

  • A vast library of logo templates

Backed by a team of professional designers, DesignEvo’s premade logo templates can help you get the design task off the ground easily. You have access to over 4,000 templates in various categories and fields, including Technology, Business, Food, Animal, Environment, Art, Fashion, Lifestyle, etc.

All those templates are very easy to edit. You can simply pick your favorite template from the gallery and then edit it based on your needs, adding more graphics, changing fonts, adjusting color, or whatever you want to make it your own.

  • Millions of logo icon to search through

DesignEvo has a built-in graphics search base, giving you free access to millions of logo icons. All you need to do is type some keywords to find a suitable icon that could implement into your design. Icons are in vector formats, so you can freely resize it without a loss in quality.

  • Hundreds of text fonts and shapes to choose from

DesignEvo comes preloaded with over 100 logo fonts. There are two font categories- Classic and Art, and each one has a bunch of different sub-fonts. Fonts are customizable and highly flexible too. You can curve the texts, adjust letter spacing, change text color, and you can even add outline or shadow to give the fonts a 3D effect.

There are also a lot of shapes to choose from, including badges, decorations, lines, banners, symbols, etc.

  • Logo preview mode

Preview mode is a very useful feature that not many online logo makers have. With a single push of the preview button, you can see how your newly designed logo looks like on various items, such as letterhead, T-shirt, website, book cover, wall and several others. It gives a great visual support, so you can make adjustments accordingly to ensure your logo looks perfect for different uses.

  • Online storage service

When your logo design is finished, you can save it as a project in the cloud for later editing or redesigning, which can save you a lot of hours and manual work.

  • Multiple logo output formats

DesignEvo supports various logo formats, such as JPG, PNG, SVG and PDF. It allows users download a JPG or PNG logo with a maximum resolution of 500 x 500 pixels for free, which is okay for online uses. But if you want to export your logo with higher resolution, then you need to pay for a small amount of fee.

DesignEvo is not a solely web-based logo maker, and can work on your smart phones. It supports not only iOS devices but also Android, which enables you to create stunning logo designs at any time and any places.


DesignEvo is a great online logo maker that has a lot of options and resources to help you make an engaging, intuitive and eye-catching logo with a minimum effort. The amazing and comfortable experience which I got while working with DesignEvo makes me say “Thumbs up”. If you are looking for a simple way to create a logo, give DesignEvo a go and you can really whip a nice-looking logo in a very short time.

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