How to fix Device Connectivity Issues in Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac

For Windows Phone 7 users, who are facing connectivity problem with their Windows Phone Connector on Mac OS, here are the troubleshooting steps to fix the same:

1. First of all make sure you Windows Mobile and Mac PC both are set to the same time zone.

2. Also make sure both devices having the same time/date or not. If not, correct them.

3. In case you need to adjust the same on any of your devices go through the following:

  • Keychain Access application on your Mac Pc
  • Click login on the left side.
  • Now search for Windows Phone 7 Connector certificate. Once found, delete it.
  • Restart the system.

4. Always try to connect Mac and Windows Mobile with the USB cable you got with the box.

5. If still you facing problem, simply try another USB Port.

6. Restart your Windows Phone 7.

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