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Far Cry 4 Troubleshooting Guide : Fix Crashing, Lagging, Low Fps, Freezing, Black Screen, Sound Problem and Errors

Far Cry 4 is an amazing open world game that brings lots of things in one pack. On the other hand this game is also not for every gaming pc. It has certain things that are needed the most. Because being a high end graphic game it also has lots of requirement. I am huge fan of Far Cry series and I am planning this from long time. I have a quiet good experience in the gameplay as well about the troubleshooting options. sometime it might happen that you land on different errors and you are not having any option to fix it. So here I am going to give you a guide on that. And you can add more question for solution.

Form my end I had tried to target the most common errors. Sometime you might not get any error related to what I had mentioned below, but still many of my solution will fix different game related issues. Most of this troubleshooting tips are easy to understand and can be followed by anyone. I had tried to target all common requires here that can guide you easily.

Whenever you start playing game like Far Cry 4 the first step you must do is check the maximum and minimum system requirements. This is the base of all problems. And a lot of issues are resolved if you check it before buying the game.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 64bit or higher
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-750 @ 2.6GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 955
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or AMD Radeon HD 5850 (1 GB VRAM)
  • DirectX: DirectX 11
  • HDD Space: 30 GB

Recommended System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 64bit or higher
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-2500S @ 2.7 GHz or AMD FX-8350 @ 4.0 GHz
  • Memory: 8 GB
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 or AMD Radeon R9 290X (3 GB VRAM)
  • DirectX: DirectX 11
  • HDD Space: 30 GB

Above you can see what is the minimum system requirements for Far Cry 4. It is very important that you must match this with your existing hardware. The same is applicable for laptops also. If you are trying to play Far Cry 4 on minimum system requirement then try to reduce the graphics and lower down all the settings. And then test.

Far Cry 4 Unable to Install:

While running setup or while installing the game for the first time through a DVD or downloadable consent you might face this first error which is related to installation. The game might crash or cause issue. Following are common fixes:

  • Being with the status of your system security applications. We all use a antivirus or turn on firewall for extra protection. Just turn this off for sometime as it blocks new program installation. And then run the game setup again.
  • Second major reason behind setup failure is linked with a popular antivirus. It is Norton Internet Security pack. This antivirus add extra layer of protection which does not allow any setup to modify any system files. So turn it off and test.
  • If this does not help then you have to check the game DVD. For DVD just look for scratches run them in any other pc where you are having a working optical drive. If the DVD does not work well then you have to replace it.
  • If you are trying to install the game by downloading it form the official site then sometime it happens the setup gets damage. You have to test the file integrity. There are different tools for that. Or you can re-download it and test.

Note: A number of time this issues is resolved if you reboot your pc and start the setup once again. So that other services or applications that you had modified does not affect. For temporary period it is good to disable your antivirus so that you won’t face any errors.

Far Cry 4 Installation Error and Solutions:

Error: “Cannot Install Far Cry 4”

• A very common error that you can see discussed by many people on the web. And it is a common thing in various application and games. This error appear due to basic reason. Well there is no exact reason. Because it can be due to some software in your pc, or can be due to damage system file, or can be due to file permission. The first thing you must do is start with checking the system requirements. This is going to help you a lot. Then go ahead with updating gpu drivers. Far Cry 4 requires special drivers which are released for Nvidia and AMD both. the next thing you have to do is update Direct X –…ils.aspx?id=35

Error: “The Application failed to initialize properly”

• There error might also appear up at the time of installation. And this is related to Microsoft Visual Runtime Libraries. You can download this free from the official site and install it. It s a tiny download. Here is the link –

Error: “Far Cry 4 PC Install Fails, Cannot Install”

• This one is a simple problem that can be resolved by checking the setup file first. You have to verify that you are having a working setup file. Any file inside if damage can generate the error. And this error is mostly related to Microsoft C++. Your system might be having a old version of this update in your pc. You ha veto remove that first. Go in Control Panel > Uninstall Program and remove Microsoft C++. Then through Windows update you can download the latest version and install it in your system. Restart and test back.

Far Cry 4 Wont load, Won’t Start or Crashes on launch:

Most of this bugs are related to updated drivers. Once your system has the most recent drivers you won’t be having any problem related to crash. The first thing you can do is start with updating you graphic card drivers. Also knows as video drivers. I am going to give you separate link for Nvidia and AMD. Click on them and get a new drivers.

• Download Nvidia Card drivers –
• Download AMD ATI Card drivers –

If the above thing does not help or there are again the same kind of crash then there is a 100% issue with the version of DirectX you are using. You might be having a old version and updating that will fix the performance of this new game. You can find the new version from the official site. Just search that on Google.

Turning of UAC:

UAC is like a security of Windows. When you install a new game or install a new application. UAC ask you a permission to start it or not. And at the time of launch many game crash due to this. So turning it off can help.

• Just click on Start and then type UAC in the Search box at the bottom.
• You can see UAC settings on the top click on it and then drag the slider to the downside.
• You have to reboot your pc to apply the settings.

One more thing can boost the game stability is testing out the compatibility settings. Sometime your current windows is not supported or improperly identified. This mostly happen when you are using Windows 10 or Windows 8.1. Here setting the same on compatibility mode will help you a lot. You have to go in game installation folder which is in C:\Program Files. Find the game exe file and right click on that. Choose a old version and try back.

Far Cry 4 Crash To Desktop (CTD) during Game play: 

This type of error appear once you are done with the setup. When you double click on the icon the game might launch for some time but then it will crash. So there are few fixes which might help:

  • Begin with killing all unwanted process from your system. There can be a firewall, third party security tool, download manager, etc. Sometime this tools create issue and cause the system to work slow. And above that when you start the game due to lack of enough ram it will crash. You can go in Task Manager for that. Click on Process tab and kill all the process that you don’t need.
  • You have to ensure that your pc is optimized to work well. This can be done by turning off a lot of programs from startup. You can do that through Msconfig. It is a Windows System configuration utility which can help you to prevent application on startup. For that type msconfig in the Start > Run box and hit enter. In that go in startup and click on hide Microsoft services. Disable others.
  • I had already mentioned about trying off your antivirus. Sometime after installation also if the antivirus is on you will get the problem. You can disable that and play the game.
  • If after testing out all the above process still the issue occur then there are few modification we can do in the graphic card settings to resolve the problem. This can be done through Graphic Card Control panel.
  • Here if you are using a Nvidia graphic card then right click on the Nvidia gpu control panel and launch it. Then go in the thread optimization section and turn it on.
  • If you are using a Radeon or Ati gpu then you have to uninstall catalyst control center. Restart your pc and try to launch the game back again.

Far Cry 4 Black Screen Problem:

  • Black screen is an common issue. This can be related to slow performance of sometime outdated drivers. It appear most of the time when the game takes a long time to load. It can also be due to some security reason. Try below fix.
  • Just start with installation of the latest video drivers. You can find them on the official site of your respective graphic cad manufacturer.
  • One you are done you have to go in the game video settings. And in that you have to turn off VSync, anti-aliasing and filtering. This is for those who need medium gaming output.
  • Again turn off your antivirus and check once again. This will prevent a lot of issue.
  • Start with killing all background processes. You can do that very easily. You just have to go in the process tab and in that click on anyone and kill the same.

All the above solution are ideal to deal with black screen issue. As far as I know this is going to resolve and you will get a proper output. But if you are still getting a lot of problem then start with installation of the game. Remove it and go in Program files folder which is in the C drive. From there delete the game folder and test back.

Far Cry 4 Lagging, Freezing and Low FPS Problems:

Once you are done with fixing all startup and black screen problem then ext common issue that you are going to face is related to performance. That means when you start the game it will lag or it might freeze a lot. So there are few things you can try out. Instead of manual settings you can test Razer game booster. This tool try to set the best options. Or else you can try the below one also If you are using Nvidia gpu then start Nvidia graphic card control panel. And then click on Manage 3D settings:

• There you have to search for a power section. Look for power management and then click on the same.
• Here you have to set the option as maximum performance. Just try this and it will reduce lagging a lot.

Far Cry 4 Stuttering:

Stuttering is another common bug where the game will work fine but it might stuck in between and then continue. It is very much similar to lagging. And this appear for both video and audio. Here for the audio you have to work on the driver part. While for video you have to update your motherboard drivers. Just update all and test back.

Far Cry 4 Resolution issue:

Resolution problem is another common issue here. Even after having a high end gpu you might not be able to adjust the screen settings. And this is also due to the video drivers. So the first step is to download and update the drivers then you can try some other things like:

  • If the game if freezing on high resolution try to reduce it and adjust the video settings on the basis of minimum game requirement. Like reducing the shadow, gamma, etc. Turning of vysnc, etc. IF you choose low from the video settings, the game will apply minimum things and you can play without much problem.
  • Removing all those programs that are not needed is good for your pc. It will reduce the ram usage. Like if you have any download manager then it will keep on working in the background. You can uninstall the same. Turn off torrent clients, etc. Check everything inside Task Manager > Processes.
  • Go in the game settings and disable Vsync and Antialiasing. Sometime on high resolution the game will stutter a lot. And the issue will remain constant as the gpu heats while playing. So disable this extra features to boost the gaming output. In the same way you also have to turn of triple buffering with D3DOverrider. Which will help a lot.

Most of this fixes are enough to make your game output good. It is very important that games like Far Cry 4 needs high end hardware. So here you have to remove things to clean up the ram and also this put a huge impact on the processing power. I am quite sure that not all are using Core i5 or AMD FX series cpu. Most of us are on the old quad core or a low end cpu. For getting maximum gaming output on that you have to remove un-necessary software from your pc. So that your game should not lag much.

Far Cry 4 No Audio:

• Audio issues are also very common. But they are bit easier to fix. For example when you start the game and there is no audio then you have to check sound acceleration settings of DXDiag. Just type in the start > search box and hit enter. go in the sound section and lower sound acceleration.
• Updating audio drivers might also give you a lot of boost. It will help you to get clean and clear audio. It is easier for you to find the audio from the site of your motherboard manufacturer.
• Another thing you can do is go in Control Panel and look for Hardware and Sound. Click on it and then click on Communication. now click on do nothing and test back.

Far Cry 4 Unable to Save Game on Steam:

• This game is on steam for pre-purchase. I am going to mention a few common fixes that will help you to deal with steam issues. And that will help to resolve errors related to crash and lagging.
• You have to restart your pc first. Then you have to start steam.
• In that look for the game file and then click on validate button.
• Before you might need to use your steam id for login.
• You can find the game in the library section. From here choose the game.
• Then right click on the same and then click on properties. And then click on local file tab. Just click on verify integrity of game cache.

FC4.exe is crashing with dll file:

• After game installation sometime it happens that when you double click on the .exe file which is the game shortcut it might crash. The best way to fix is to replace that file. Or if there is any dll error then replacing that file will also help.

Mouse Lagging:

• Mouse lagging is rare but occur most of the time. When you move you have to use the mouse for screening around. If the game lags here for the same then it means you have to adjust the mouse sensitivity and also modify the max frame value.

Far Cry 4 Disk Read Error:

• Sometime the game crash due to disk read error. This appear due to the optical drive issues. You can do that by cleaning the head. You can run a DVD cleaner for the same test back.

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