WhatsApp New Feature: Only Admins can post in group, Restrict others

In today’s advance technology, everyone likes end to end communication. WhatsApp is one of the social media which is very popular in the world because of its easy and simple way of communication. No matter educated or non-educated, all are very acquainted with WhatsApp. We can strongly say that WhatsApp is one of the biggest mile stone for making digital India.

Among all the social media, everyone likes WhatsApp because it can connect with people and can share information very easily with a faster rate. Now a days, WhatsApp is a very famous hand use application not only for elder age groups but also for kids. We all know the use and feature of WhatsApp very well.

Let us know about one of the advance features of WhatsApp called ‘Send Messages’ which has been recently announced. WhatsApp has updated this advance feature only on Android and iPhones. Generally we create WhatsApp groups for better-faster-smarter communication. In this advance feature only group admin has the access and permission for all the activities. Only group admin can select the person who can alter group’s icon, subject, titles etc.

If the group settings are selected as “Only Admins”, then other members in the group cannot send any messages, videos, images etc. at all within the group. If the group settings are selected as “All Participants”, then other members in the group can send messages, videos, images etc. within the group. Group admin can select this setting from the Group Info Menu option followed by Group Settings option. Group Admin can delete admin rights from other members from Group Info option clicking by ‘Dismiss as admin’ option. Only Group Admin has the permission to enable or disable the chat features from the Group Setting.

Such kind of advance concept of WhatsApp will create a big positive impact on social media. This protection feature will help a lot so that new users cannot be added to groups or left again and again. It will very helpful for professional use because of only Group Admins can send messages within the group so that all participants can receive proper information.

The main aim of the technology is group admins will restrict other members from sending messages within the group hence data security will be more in this advance feature. No doubt at all, it will very helpful for commercial as well as corporate WhatsApp users. Students can get complete and correct information from their teachers. As we mentioned earlier, this feature is currently available on Android and iOS. Later on it will spread among all the devices. Users need to update the WhatsApp version to the 2.18.201 beta (Android) and 2.18.70 (iOS)

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