How to backup Original Stock ROM on Android Phone

A number of time when you plan to root your mobile phone you just ignore the original factory OS. That is the biggest mistake we go. It is very important that you must backup your original ROM. It will help you to restore all the settings/features back to the device if you are not happy with the custom rom installed on your device. There is a common process for almost all devices. You can just backup the rom and restore it back simply how you install a custom rom.

There is no guarantee that whichever custom rom you are trying to install in your android phone will be stable or perfect. There use to bugs many times in many custom roms. The most common bug is battery drain. At that point there is no way to go back. Your warranty is also voided when you root the device. And you cannot carry the phone to service center with that custom rom. So below are some common ways to backup your Original Stock ROM before you do Rooting or Custom Rom installation.

Method 1 : Backup via Nandroid Backup :


  • The most important requirement here is that you will need to root the device. Or else you cannot backup the original rom. The process is extremely simple. When you root the device you gain additional permission on the same. Rooting gives you super user right. Rooting is simply not complicated. You can click on the following guide to read the rooting process: How to Root HTC One X for installing Custom ROMs.
  • Download NANDROID Backup App from Google Play
  • Ensure that your phone is connected to a charger or there must be more than 70% battery left in it.

Steps to backup Original Android ROM through Nandroid:

  • Install NandRoid Backup App in your Device.
  • Ensure that your device is rooted by running Root Checker application
  • Turn off your phone and boot in Recovery Mode. For that press Home + Volume down + Power Key.
  • In the Recovery mode press Alt+B to run the Backup.

Method 2: Backup via ClockWorkMod Recovery:

This process is a bit easier compared to NandRoid.


  • Download ClockWorkMod Recovery. CWM replaces your existing bootloader and adds more additional options to the device. It offers you a full user permission to perform recovery and restore and works really well.
  • Download ROM Manager Backup App from Google Play
  • Just Ensure that your phone has maximum battery left.

Steps to backup Original Android ROM through CWM :

1. Install ClockWorkMod Recovery on your mobile device. You can simply download that form Google Play

2. When you install it your bootloader is replaced. It offers you full permission to play with the internal ROM. Rooting also void warranty.

3. After installing CWM your device is rooted. We can now move ahead with the backup process.

4. Install ROM Manager Backup Application in your mobile device. You can download it from here.

5. Open the Application. Tap on Flash ClockWorkMode Recovery Option.

6. Tap on Backup Current Rom. Add a file name and then backup the phone.

7. The app will ask you to grant SuperUser Permission. So allow it.

8. Once the Backup is over the phone will restart automatically.

9. With the help of same application you can also restore the existing ROM. You just need to go in Manage and Restore Backup and from there click on Restore.


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