How to install Beauty Sense HD Custom Rom on Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

Beauty Sense HD is an amazing custom rom for Samsung Galaxy Y that adds tons of new features and completely new theme to the mobile phone. It is stable and rock solid in terms of performance and output. It is not buggy at all. This theme is based on HTC Sense. It is a proprietary UI for HTC Devices which are built for ultra-smooth performance and great response time. Fortunately the developer Amal Das is able to port the rom on Galaxy Y S5360. So if you have this device then you can go ahead with installing this rom. But there are certain things that you have to do before final setup. Because I am not responsible for any bricked device.

Samsung Galaxy Y is an entry level Android Smartphone that comes loaded with Gingerbread. It is an amazing device to root and install custom rom. There is many more rom available for this. So today we are going to test Beauty Sense HD. Before going ahead we will discuss some of the most essential features of this ROM which makes it impressive. The main feature lies in the theme. After installing this you can have an amazing HTC Sense type interface on yours Smartphone screen. It offers you HTC Style 14 toggles.

Things that comes additional in the rom is buil.proper tweaks, deodexed, zipalign, rooted, busybox, bash shell, stock kernel with init.d, merruk kernel compatibility, super access, asop lock screen, htc theme, enhanced sound settings, bravia engine port, additional apps, etc. The theme is a complete pack where it provides you cool features and amazing look. It works well and does not have much performance issue. Samsung Galaxy Y is an entry level phone features low ram. Due to which many Custom rom gives performance issue on it. But you can test Beauty Sense HD and will not face any problem with the same. So let’s move ahead with the final setup. First checkout the requirements to install this thing.


  • Download Beauty Sense HD Custom Rom Package
  • Download Text Fix
  • Take a complete phone backup. You can use Nandriod or a third party backup software like Titanium Pro. Nandroid allows you to backup the complete phone ROM. This is one of the safest ways to go ahead with using Custom ROM. Because if the rom fails, then using the same you can restore stock rom back.
  • Ensure that your phone is completely charge. Avoid this process on low battery.
  • Root your device. Custom rom setup requires root access. If the rom is locked you cannot move ahead. The process will fail. You can root the device by installing CWM.
  • Install Samsung usb drivers in your pc. If you have kies installed then you can skip the step.
  • Go in Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging. Enable it.
  • Ensure that you are using the original Samsung usb cable.

Installing Beauty Sense HD on Galaxy Y:

  • Once you had taken all the backup connect the mobile phone to pc and enable Removable Storage
  • Copy both downloaded file in your mobile storage.
  • Disconnect the phone and ensure that it has more than 70% battery left.
  • Restart your phone in recovery mode. Hold Volume Up + Menu + Power for some seconds. Once you see Samsung logo leave the keys.
  • You are in Recovery mode now. Before moving ahead it is better to wipe out old data to avoid crash. In the same menu you can boot CWM and take a complete ROM backup of your device.
  • Choose Wipe Data, Factory Reset.
  • Then choose install from SD Card. Navigate to the ROM package via volume key and press to select it.
  • It is a self extracting package. Wait backup until the entire process finalize. This process might take some time.
  • Once done restart your phone.
  • For the second file Text Fix you have to reboot back the device in recovery mode and flash ztext and file one by one.
  • At first boot the rom will initialize and done. It is installed. Checkout the new features.


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