Install Android 4.4 Kitkat in Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000

Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 is a budget android Smartphone. This device was released long back. It is a budget phone that offers you a nice 4inch screen with standard hardware. Officially there is no chance of getting Kit kat update on this phone. But somehow Cyanogens team has able to manage the new update. It is not possible to install the latest android kitkat OS on this phone. Being an unofficial rom this will void your phone warranty. So you must move ahead with the setup on your own risk.

This custom rom also gives you more features and additional options. The rom is installed through Cyanogens Mod 11. It is a very old phone and still works on Gingerbread. This time you have chance to directly add Kitkat on this and get all the features unlocked. Before moving ahead just have a glimpse on the requirements. The process is called as custom rom installation. Here we are going to overwrite the existing factory os and will add the new phone. The factory OS has limited features and is locked and does not allow anyone to overwrite the same.


  • Go in the settings and enable USB Debugging. For that you will have to tap on Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging. Enable this.
  • You have to root your phone. If you had done that then you can skip this step. Or else you have to go ahead and look out for rooting process.
  • You can use Root checker app to verify whether the phone is unlocked or not.
  • Also download Rom Manger application on your phone from Google Play before moving ahead.
  • Download KitKat 4.4 Cyanogens Mod 11 Package
  • Download Google Apps Package
  • Backup all the important data of your phone. Backup all the apps and settings if required. Copying the internal rom is easier if you have rooted your phone.
  • Arrange a SD Card with more than 400MB of free space.

Remember that this process can cause unstable phone is rooting does not goes well. So you have to do this on your own risk. The process also voids the phone warranty.

Installation Process:

  • Connect the phone to your pc through original usb cable.
  • Copy Kit Kat 4.4 Cyanogens Mod 11 Package and Google Apps Package in the memory card.
  • You have to now boot the device in recovery mode. You can do that first by turning off the phone and then holding up the Volume UP + Menu + Power key.
  • The phone will boot in recovery mode. If you find this process complicated then you can use Rom Manager app for that. Open the app and choose it to restart in recovery mode.
  • Once you are in recovery mode you have to first choose wipe data/factory reset.
  • Then using the volume key goes upward and choose install rom zip card. From there select Kit Kat 4.4 Firmware Package first.
  • This will initiate the rom installation setup. Follow the screen instructions.
  • Once it is over again from the main menu choose Google Apps Package.
  • The entire process will take only a few minutes to complete. If everything goes well then restart your phone and enjoy the new rom.


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