How to update Lava Iris 504Q with Samsung Galaxy S4 Custom ROM

Iris 504Q is one of the best smartphones launched by Lava till date with attractive design and looks, better specifications and good performance. I’m having one Iris 504Q too and am happy with it. But there is a problem. Its been over 5 months the device came in the market but so far Lava has not provided any major firmware update for this phone model. It is still running on the same Android 4.2.1 Jellybean operating system with default Android looks and apps. Even though there was an small OTA update (about 59MB in size) but that doesn’t brings a single change to the device. Neither in Android version, nor in any other functionality. So, to be frank i’m bit bored now with the same UI and features. If you are also one of them, then here is a good news.

You can now make your Iris 504Q a Galaxy S4 internally. Yes, there is a Custom ROM available named as Pure “S-Galaxy S4 Rom”. As its name suggests, the ROM is made up from the S4’s stock rom running Android 4.2.2 JellyBean containing most of the original galaxy S4 features such as Samsung TouchWiz, Swipe to call, Swipe to message, Voice unlock features, S voice, S4 widgets, S4 Fonts, and whole lot more. Overall it this Custom ROM brings you the exact same look of Galaxy S4 to your Iris 504Q. So, today i’m going to post step by step process for installing this Galaxy S4 ROM in your lava phone.

Before we start the actual process, there are obviously some important requirements which needs to be fulfilled. Here are the same:


  • The very first thing you need to do is backup your entire phone including messages, contacts, multimedia files, logs, etc because during the installation we need to wipe out the device which will delete everything stored on your phone. There are several applications available on Google Play for the same. Or you can use the Lava PC Suite as well for backing up the device.
  • Backup your Original Lava ROM, so that if anything goes wrong with the new ROM, atleast you can restore back your Original firmware and your phone will be exactly as it was earlier
  • Now go to your phone’ settings menu, tap developers options and enable USB Debugging.
  • Make sure the phone’s battery is charged atleast 60 to 70 percent as it should not drained out during the installation process. Because can either brick your device or create huge problems if the phone gets turned off due to the battery.
  • Download Pure S-Galaxy S4 ROM package from here and save it on your desktop.
  • Download Iris 504Q USB Drivers and install them in your computer.

Once you are ready with the all above requirements, we are good to go. Before we start let me tell you that this ROM is only made and tested successfully on Lava Iris 504Q. So don’t try flashing or installing this Custom ROM on any other lava phones. Also, note that although the ROM has been successfully tested on Iris 504Q, we are not responsible for any damage done to your device during this installation. Proceed on your own Risk.

Installation Process:

  • Make sure your phone rooted. If not, follow the steps provided here: Rooting Lava Iris 504Q.
  • You need to start with connecting your phone to computer using USB Cable.
  • Copy the downloaded S4 ROM package to your phone’s SD Card. Make sure to copy it in the root of your SD Card so that it can be accessed easily during the installation.
  • Disconnect the phone from USB and turn off the phone.
  • Once completely turned off, press and hold Volume Up and Power key together for few seconds. This will boot your phone in Recovery Mode.
  • Once you are on Recovery screen, scroll up and down using the Volume rockers and select Wipe Data/Factory Reset using the Power key.
  • Now scroll down at the bottom and select Advance –> Clear Dalvik Catch.
  • Now under same Advance menu screen, select Clear Battery State.
  • Once done, come back to the main Recovery screen and select Mount And Storage –> Format System.
  • Now you need to select “Install From SD Card”, browse to the location where you copied the S4 Rom package. Select it to start the installation.
  • Now wait for few minutes and let the installation complete on its own.
  • Once done, come back to the main Recovery screen again and select ‘Reboot system now’ from the top.

That’s it, you are done. Keep patience during the first boot because it may take couple of minutes configuring the device with the new ROM. Once booted completely, check the menu and other settings. You will feel galaxy S4 like experience on your Lava Iris 504Q. If you face any problem with the process, feel free to reply year. We are Happy to Help. 

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