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How to Fix PUBG Mobile Error Code 554762241 and Code 154140712

Error codes are natural, but when it appears on PUBG Mobile, it’s just very difficult to handle because nobody would love anything that stops them from playing this game. Damn, it’s just very addictive. But since it is an online game and needs to be connected to the server, there could be several problems, like the one PUBG Internet Errors we mentioned earlier.

This morning I tried to launch PUBG but stuck again with a long error that says:

Unable to connect to server. please try different network or grant wifi access to the game in your settings. Error Code 554762241

Well, this is very annoying because when I switch to Mobile Data it started working but since the download file was about 170 MB, it warned me to switch to WiFi. When you get to wifi, you get the same error again. After a little workout, I found the fix for this problem. I thought to post the fix considering it may help a lot of PUBG users too.

The fix for Error Code 554762241 also works for Error Code 154140712. If you play Garena Free Fire and have similar internet error or loading issues, you can use this same fix for that too.

Fixing PUBG Error 554762241 and 154140712:

  • Go to PlayStore and download any free VPN app.
  • Launch the App and connect to Optimal region available from where you get better bandwidth
  • Launch PUBG.
  • No go to in-game’s Server option
  • Change it according to your region.
  • Now you can close the VPN
  • Restart PUBG Mobile and play it comfortably.

That’s it. Let’s us know if you come across any more Error Codes, do post in the comments box below.

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