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How to Access Blocked Websites on PC

Most of us face one common problem in our office or in the place where we study. We are unable to access sites which are blocked. Like Facebook is the most popular social networking platform. And a number of times it remains blocked in offices or in colleges.

So there is one best way through which you can access those blocked sites. I am going to add a few simple tips that can help you to unblock various sites. One of them in songs.pk where you can get tons of free songs of all latest movies. As per our telecom sector, and government all this contents are blocked and not allowed by an ISP. But through simple tips you can unlock them and use it like before. There are some simple ways of accessing those blocked websites. So let’s begin to explore them one by one.

1. Using a Proxy:

The first thing you can do a lot more easily is working on a proxy. Proxies are free to use web address and IP that hide your pc identity on the web. For example of any site is blocked in India, you can use a US proxy to unlock the same and use it. There are wide amount of proxy sites available on the web. Some are free and some are chargeable. So here I am going to only list the top one and then you can try out the same. All you have to do is open the url that are listed below and in the url box you have to type the entire web address. Like songpk.com and then the sites will start working. You can download files from them.

  • anonymizer.in/anonymizer
  • Anonproxy.eu
  • Anonymouse.org
  • blockedsiteaccess.com
  • Dumbdream.com
  • Daveproxy.co.uk
  • hidemyass.com
  • Polysolve.com
  • kproxy.com
  • vtunnel.com

2. URL Redirection:

The next option to access all locked side is using a URL redirection service. There are ample of sites on the web that provide you this. And here the url is changed. You can access that site through that tiny url and surf. The best example I can give you is TinyUrl. If you had not heard about this then just try it out. You can create shortcuts for sites like YouTube, Facebook, etc. And this short url will be directly accessible on your website. For example for opening Facebook you had configured a url – tinyurl.com/abcdef. When you type this in your web browser Facebook will open up. This one is another best option.

3. Using Opera Mini Browser:

Opera Mini browser has a option through which you can access all locked websites quiet easily. You just have to install this in your tablet or in your Smartphone and start surfing. This is a internal feature does not need any kind of extra configuration.

4. Using VPN:

The last option here is to use a VPN. A VPN is a virtual private network. You have to create a new network in your pc and then you have login using the IP of VPN server. Just search for free VPN on the web and use that. The method is very easy. You just have to create a dialer and done.


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