How to get ‘Steps Today’ card with Google Fit on Android Wear smartwatch

Recently Google has released Fit app which will help you to track your all fitness activities. You must have noticed one thing, if you have installed Fit app in Android Wear smartwatch that you are not getting steps today” card. On the place of steps you must be seeing “X min today” card which will indicate how many minutes you were active today. Many people must be wanted to get their “Steps” card back so in below mentioned guide we will you through the process how to do that.

  1. Open the Google Fit app on your phone and answer the entire question which is asked there such as weight, age etc.
  2. There you will find one question which will be asking to set a goal for active time.
  3. Now once you click on “confirm” after setting the time so this will be default card which will appear on your watch.
  4. I will also like to inform you that even your step are getting calculated for that just say “OK Google, show me my steps” within a fraction of seconds you will able to see the “Steps” card which was seen before.
  5. Now open the Google Fit app and at the bottom of the screen you will find the amount of time walking & how many steps you have taken.
  6. You will see that on your watch whatever you set as default.
  7. If you are only need to see time which you have walked then by swiping right or left at the middle circle you can see your step.
  8. But here we want to do is set your watch to show your steps not your activity time.
  9. First click on three dot icon which is there on the top right from there choose Settings.
  10. Now you will at the bottom a option called Daily Goal which must be showing some amount of hours.
  11. The default setting when you first time open the Google Fit app is 1 hour.
  12. Then click on the number which is just in left of “h”.
  13. Now you will able to see Goal type option change it from “Active time” to “Steps”.
  14. Enter the count of steps which is your goal and then click on Save which is at the top right.
  15. Great now steps are set as default and you will able to see that at the bottom of the main screen.

Your watch will now show “steps today” card but the app will also track your active time. In order to see that, swipe right or left on the main screen of the app.

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