Problems with Samsung Galaxy S5 and how to Fix it

It happens to all of us whenever we buy a good phone it has some issue. Today I am seeing various problem with brand new Samsung Galaxy S5. This phone is released just recently and it comes with one of the best high end hardware config. But still there are some common things that we all face.

Today I will show how to deal with this issue. You just have to manage a few things and you can use your phone back again. I am trying to take all common problem here. If you have any you can also update.

1. Freezing or Lagging :

This is another common bug that appear while playing games or while watching a hd video. There is a huge conversion on Samsung Galaxy S5 performance. Having a Octa Core cpu means you should get a constant and smooth performance. But if it is lagging then there is some problem with background apps or you had installed many things in it. Below are few things which can help you to boost the performance.

  • Samsung uses proprietary UI which is TouchWiz. If your phone is freezing on this launcher then better download a good alternative. You can find ample of them on Google Play. One of the fastest launcher is Lightning launcher. You can also use Nova launcher which is also light.
  • Go in the settings and try to turn off all the animation. It can also be responsible for the freezing issue. For that you have to going Settings > Home Screen Settings > Transition effect. Try to disable all of them. Also in the same section go in Lock screen and disable the unlock effect. You can also reduce the animation scale from Developer options. Go in that and then tap on Windows animation scale and turn it off. Do the same for Transition animation scale and Animator duration scale.
  • It is also good to turn off data syncing when you are not using the phone. You can do that from Settings > Accounts. Keep things on manual sync. You can sync your data whenever you want. This will also put less impact on the memory. Go in Application Manager which is Settings and remove all the apps which are not needed. Just remove all those which you are not going to use.

Damage through Water:

This is a unfortunate even and happens commonly to many. Sometime it is due to bad weather or sometime accidentally your phone fell in the water. The device is IP67 certified. That means it is durable. But it does not means you can put it for the long time in water. The certification means you can keep the device submerge in water for 30 minutes. It is also designed to work under pressure. But still if something happens and your device fell in water then this the following things you must do.

  • Turn off the phone. Use a cloth or tissue paper to dry it. Keep the phone off until it is completely dried up. It is very important that you must not turn it on until entire liquid is drive up. There are various kits available which can soak water really fast. You can use blower also. But for limited time only.
  • If nothing works then the best thing to do take the phone to service center.

3. Poor Download Speed:

Those who are on 2G or 3G might face poor download speed issue. But when you are on wifi this is can also occur if the wifi chip is poor. Luckily this issue only occur on the cellular network. Here on 3G and 4G you get exceptionally fast speed but on the same hand you also have to pay a high amount on the data packet.

If you are not able to get good download speed on the device then you have to different telecom provider. Like in US if you switch to T-Mobile you get a download booster. This increase your download performance to great extend. On XDA also there are few apps which works in the same manner but for that you will have to root which I do not recommend.

4. Freezing Camera :

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 has 16MP camera with autofocus and flash. Sometime when you take photos the picture would be slow and you won’t be able to capture clear images instantly. This happens in between then the picture settings are not proper. By default many settings are turned off but you can boost the output by turning them on.
  • You have to go Camera settings and you have to look for Picture stabilization. It is better to turn this off. This feature is good when you are taking photos in low light. But when you have ample of light around just turn this off. This slow down the camera.
  • If you are getting camera fail error on the screen then the first thing you have to do is restart the phone. Most of the time this will fix the issue.
  • If the above does not work then go in Settings and tap on Application manager. In that look for camera app and tap on that. Clear the cache and data and test back.
  • Running a full factory restore will also help to resolve a various type of problem. But for that you have to backup your data and then only move ahead.


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