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Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends Trainer

Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends is eleventh game in a series and is a racing video game developed by Slightly Mad Studios and published by Atari. Game is introduced with many circuits and many more innovation as compared to previous installment of this game. There are total 50 cars and 39 circuits or stages to explore and out of 50 cars 11 are two-seater Ferrari. Some of the stages are presented in different ways, there are single and multiplayer mode available in this game and single player will consist of carrier mode and multiplayer mode will be featuring with 8 players racing simultaneously.

There many vehicles provided in this game from year 1940 to latest model vehicle. Save game file plays a vital role in this game as you need to save your carrier in this game and that will be possible with the help of Save game file download which is provided below, link provided below will assist you to get the save game file instantly.

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