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Download Samsung S Health APK for Non-Samsung Phones

Samsung’s S Health is one of the most important applications that makes people like better by letting them track day to day activities. It comes with several features that let us set daily goals, it comes with several training programs, and lots more. In short we can call it all-in-one companion for healthy lifestyle. The UI of the apps lets you manage and understand your activities in much better way because of its intuitive charts and helpful tips.

It’s easy to understand and quick summary offers you quick glance at your latest health and fitness status. You can easily add or remove goals, any programs or the trackers. The app also comes with Voice guide making your exercise more comfortable. There are lots of things you can do. As of now, S Health was only available for selected Samsung smartphones but now it goes for all. even if you are using any non-samsung smartphone, simply download the APK and make your lifestyle healthier.

Samsung S Health apkDownload S health APK | Download from PlayStore

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