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Download LEO Privacy Guard APK and Secure your Smartphone

Privacy and security is a major concern now days. Specially when it comes to smartphones and tablets that carry most of our personal and processional informations. It happens most of the time when you dad or uncle asking your phone to make an important call, or kids asking for playing games. It feels very embarrassing if they get access to our private messages, pictures or any other data.

Well, there is an easier way to get rid of all these situations. Simply download LEO Privacy Guard app and leave all the headache for this software. It is not just an App Locker but also lets you hide confidential data, pictures, messages, calls, and more. Using LEO Privacy Guard you can create different Modes with selected apps to be locked specific time and specific place. That’s not all. LEO Privacy Guard also optimizations the performance of your phone by providing you complete control on data usage, battery consuming apps, unwanted apps and lots more.

LEO Privacy Guard app also comes with Swifty launcher that brings all your frequently used apps, contacts, settings, etc at one place which can be access in just a single tap. There’s much more you can do with this. Just check the Detailed Review and Features of LEO Privacy Guard. You can download the APK file of this app from this page in one click. It’s just 3.7MB in size.

LEO Privacy Guard APKDownload APK | Download from PlayStore

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