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How to Fix Bricked Micromax Funbook Pro

Personally i think Micromax devices are the best products to lean or test Custom Roms or any other Android based tweaking because they are budget devices but very durable. If anything goes wrong we can actually recover them and if not, atleast it wont hurt because of low price. many times, it happens when we are installing any Custom ROM or some other tweakings, our smartphone or tablets get brick. By saying brick it means they are dead and cannot be used any more. If you are one of them and dont want to throw it it in garbage, there is a way to recover it and make it working again. Yes, you can unbrick on your Funbook Pro. How, lets check it.

Before we actually start the process, there are some requirements you need to be ready with. They are as follows:

  1. Download Micromax Stock ROM IMG File
  2. Download Micromax ADB Drivers
  3. Download Livesuit
  4. Save all these files on your computer desktop


Once you ready with all those stuffs, follow the below steps:

  • Install LiveSuite software on your computer. Note, you will receive several pop-ups during the installation. make sure you click ‘NO’ every time.
  • Once installed, click on ‘Select Image’, browse to the location where you have saved the download IMG file and select it.
  • Leave the software as its, dont do anything.
  • Now connect your tablet with the computer where you have installed LiveSuite via USB cable.
  • Press and hold Back Key and keep pressing Power key until you see a Pop Up
  • Click yes on the pop up twice and wait until the software flashes the IMG file on your tablet

Once done, your Funbook Pro will restart Automatically.

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