Brad, ‘Kevin Jonas Taught Me Twitter!’

Kevin Jonas taught Brad Paisley how to use Twitter. Exciting!

  • Mileyfan4Sho

    i kno, im starting to believe tht they r togetherr, wats goin on???

  • Yvonne

    They really do. But now I’m kinda pissed. I just saw that this was from yesterday and I was so happy that he was gonna look like this in that chat today. I hope he at least brings the big curls tonight

  • Sadiezz

    Okay, Kevin officialy has the cutest smile.
    Look at that.

  • Yvonne

    I really love this guy and only want the best for him. IMO, that “best” is Danielle. He is kinda like ray of sunshine to me

  • leave Britney alone.

    I though Kevin looked like Nick, minus the hair..
    I mean, just cover Kevin’s hair with your hand, theres Nick!
    Oceanup;; Exciting indeed :).
    Just look at how excited our hot Kevin is :].

  • Jane

    i love kevin. at first i thought this was a weird friendship, then i remembered all the jonas’s admire kevin

  • nikki

    @tracecyrus What?! Go to bed!!! Hahaha. I can’t believe you’re still awake…but I know the feeling :D <3
    19 minutes ago from web
    [email protected] haha its 3:30 in japan & im still awake. but i blame you! cause i cant get U off my mind! im forcing myself to sleep NOW! night <3
    24 minutes ago from web in reply to ddlovato
    ddlovato: So tired… Stayed up till 5 talking on the phone…. I blame the person on the other end of the line…. Hahaha <3
    29 minutes ago from web
    TraceCyrus: GOOOODNIGHT! i love you all. xcept for anyone who hates on someone who dosnt know them personally. which is apparently a lot of people. haha

  • Anonymous

    trace cyrus and demi lovato are dating.
    [email protected]: haha its 3:30 in japan & im still awake. but i blame you! cause i cant get U off my mind! im forcing myself to sleep NOW! night s2

    [email protected]: What?! Go to bed!!! Hahaha. I can’t believe you’re still awake…but I know the feeling :D <3

  • demi

    post demi and traces twitter conversation
    trace said he cant get demi off of his mind !!!

  • it’s me.

    trace and demi are dating :)
    look at their twitters.
    cute couple, i guess, i just gotta get used to it.
    and well, trace is a cyrus, so he rocks =) haha.

  • Anonymous

    kevn look soooo cute!!

    i love him

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I LOVE BRAD PAISLEY!!!!!!! not so much kevin, but i love brad paisley!!

  • Anonymous

    He is just too effin cute for words

  • Anonymous


  • Steph

    Aww, I love both of them. Kevin is so adorable. :)

  • Crista. :)

    omg. that’s officially the cutest freaking smile ever!
    he’s so adorable. sigh :)

  • Kevin

    Wow. My name’s Kevin too and I have that exact same
    shirt that Kevin Jonas is wearing. Bizarre.

  • Kelly

    Aw, gotta love Kevie

  • Anonymous

    when their live chat?

  • case

    That is too much sexy for one picture! Gahh!
    Brad Paisley is amazing! And Kevin owns my heart!!

  • Jayme

    Really yeah that shirt so goes, I hope he does bring his tight curls.
    I love that look on his face, he does make me happy:)

  • Anonymous

    I love Kevin! :)

  • Anonymous

    Are the boys in LA then? Or just Joe, because weren’t him and camilla spotted in Hollywood?

  • Anonymous

    OMG, a Kevin post! I’m starting to love you, Oceanup.

  • Yvonne

    I know Amanda. There is a God after all. Kind of insulting he hasn’t had more comments though. I need a pic of him with Danielle to make my day complete cause I worry about that relationship a lot. Its been 2 months since Bamboozle, the last real documented time they were together for sure

  • trish

    ’bout where they are, didn’t get that either. JT said they were done til next week so maybe they all got a few days off. i dk about him being alone and Kev here alone. I guess we will know tonight. one chat was in la and the other is tx so who knows. i didn’t even realize Cami flew home, when that plane crashed i almost died. i hadn’t heard she was already home, had a pit in my stomach for a bit. that would of been really bad. anyways,guess they will catch up tonight.

  • trish

    what the crap is going on with him and danielle????????????????????????? someone with legit info. update plz????????????

  • stephanie

    ahha oh kevin. i love you :)

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Hayley

    the man wit kevin is transvestite.
    boff gir l et guy


    [email protected]#$%^& TANKSZZ *^&)(*

  • Anonymous

    They have friends everywhere. Nice pic!

  • Anonymous

    hahaha look how excited Kevin is :)

  • Anonymous

    he looks so cute!

  • Hayley

    did i say Mr. Paisley was transvestite?
    my b..
    HE ISN’T
    he is talented man with good voice.


  • Anonymous

    I want to see Kev’s daughter

  • :)

    kevin jonas has the most adorable smile IN THE WORLD! :)

  • Anonymous

    Ha.Ha. They left out the part where Brad says “You never forget your first time.”


  • Olu

    That photo is so adorable :)
    YAY KEVIN <3

  • Dumm Blonnd

    He deleted. O_o

  • amanda

    do my eyes decive me? is that kevin? as in kevin jonas? the one oceanup never EVER posts about? AHHHHH! how exhilerating this is lol he is so damn fine it blows my mind

    Jayme and Yvonne – I can now say there is for sure a god lol he blessed the world with the ultimate Kevin :)

  • Anonymous

    Where is Peyton anyway? Kevin has been with her all the time

  • Jonas

    whats his Twitter?

  • jonaslovatopushplay!

    i love this pic
    of kevin..lmfaoo
    supper cute.
    omg i can not wait
    until there new cd!
    jobros are the best!

  • amanda

    haha that is a coincidence! wicked weird!

  • jenni

    i know you guys wont belive me but Brad Paisley is my uncle and brad just had my new baby cusio! i havnt got to meet him yet though =/
    but i am freaking out that he meet kevin, like hes meet famous people before but i just love JB!

  • kaygirl+jb

    hehe thats so cute (and cool)!

  • Anonymous

    He looks thin in the picture. Is that a good sign or a bad sign?

  • Anonymous

    What a joke she actually said he was so handsome she forgot to breath lmao.

  • Laura JONAS FAN!

    awwww so cute ; – ) I love Brad and Kevin!
    together= two awesome guys!

  • YoYoYo


  • Anonymous

    yay a kevin post!

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    i bet yvonne is going to be happy that there’s a kevin post! lol.

  • Jayme

    finally somthing about kevin and I got to say this, he is a hot fine man:)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    kevin iloveyouuu

  • tazz

    aw, he’s cheesing pretty hard.
    it’s so cute.

  • JessJ

    Thats awesome that they hang out.Brad Paisley is a HUGE country star and I know that Kevin is a huge fan but its seems like he is friends with him now.So cool.

  • trish

    TOTALLY so happy for Kevin. He loves that dude, and Brad is very awesome so I can see why.. that is so great for him . Good to know they know how we feel about our favorites too.. Kev’s face is priceless. thank God he looks happy. dude has looked really down lately. this must of made his year!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i love kevvy. hes the best. and i bet hes having a great time because he always said he loves country music!

  • Yvonne

    Amen Jayme! We struck gold today. Kevin and Brad look gorgeous

  • Anonymous

    LMAO at Ocean’s use of the word “Exciting!”

  • amanda

    oh i know! i’ve been thinking the same thing and i really hope their still together from what i can see they made each other really happy and i thought there would be more comments too

  • Anonymous

    Demi and Trace are actually dating that’s fucking gross.

  • Jayme

    Those shirts on them really goes together.
    The things I would do to kevin;)

  • Anonymous

    aww kevin