Ariana ‘I Was Discovered On A Cruise Ship’


Ariana Grande told Tiger Beat: ‘When I was 8 years old, I was vacationing on a cruise ship with my family. I went to a karaoke lounge because I didn’t want to go to kid’s club. I chose to sing a song from Titanic which is kind of funny because I was on a cruise ship! Gloria Estefan, a famous Latin singer, was there, too.

We didn’t know who she was at first, but someone said, ‘Can i speak to your daughter?’ It was totally Gloria! She said to me, ‘Honey, I justed to let you know that you have so much more than I did at your age. You have to keep going because you were meant to do this. She inspired me and I’ve loved performing ever since!

Growing up, I would always perform in front of my grandparents. At age 15, I starred in my first role on Broadway called 13. It was my first really, really exciting professional job! I was in the play for almost a year and got to play six different parts. I was a rapper and an old grandma and it was so much fun!

Then, when I moved to Los Angeles, the directors for A Snow White Christmas at The Pasadena Playhouse asked if I wanted to play Snow White. I said yes and I had a great time doing it! In the future, I would love to return Broadway and star in Wicked. If it’s mean to be, it will happen at one point or another!’