Demi Lovato ‘I Need A Boob Job’

Demi Lovato joked about things she wanted to endorse: hair color & Depends undergarments.Demi also talking about what type of plastic surgery would like: ‘I need a boob job, they are like mosquito bites.’


  • Luxeu

    so much for body positivity

    • Meg

      She’s joking around, dumbass

  • Troll

    LOL! Gosh I love her! Take a joke Luxeu!

  • Cici

    bahahahah she kills me

  • Alii

    She’s still got her bodacious curves!

  • boystan

    her boobs look ok though? get a nose job.

  • Rebecca

    What this girl needs is a personality job. She has one of the worst personalities in the industry.