Blanda Joe & Nick Jonas Airport Meeting

blanda-joe-nick-airport-meetings (5)Blender & Joe were in Dallas and Nick was on east coast.

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  • anon

    Bless you for calling her Blender :P

  • jonas fan


  • jonas fan


  • natalie

    And why is the FAMEWHORE Olivia is here tho? this post is about Joe, Nick and Blanda not The Fame digger!

    • Me

      olivia a fame whore uhmmm maybe her family is but she isn’t the only fame whore in this post is blenderrr

      • natalie

        You know what? you are right! Blanda is also a FAMEWHORE!

  • anon

    Olivia is probably going back to LA with her friends so they can all sponge of Nick. Someone slap him and wake him up so he can see her for what she truly is.

  • boystan

    who and who

    • GentileJewel

      Why!? Are you here???

  • Anon

    Umm nick wasn’t on the east coast these pics are both in the Dallas airport. Joe and Nick took separate flights to LA.

    And yes Olivia and her friends were going to LA too to sponge off of Nick. He probably got a table at Joes NYE party but didn’t have enough friends to fill it since all his friends are BFF with Joe now so he paid for Olivia’s friends to fly out. Apparently it was Olivia her BFF her two cousins and her older sister that he paid to fly first class to LA yesterday and went to pick them up at LAX last night.

  • anonymous

    SO FUCKING WHAT.And Blanda is the Famewhore NOT Olivia she was already well known BEFORE nick,and has alot of money! omg she does not need nick to pay for anything geez
    And stop using that word FW just because you don’t like her.Joe’s gf is the one that was unknown,and now is everywhere because of Joe!

    • Anon

      Girl you know Miss Universe doesn’t make that much money right? Most of the prize package is clothes, hair products and a free apartment for a year. The prize money is $250,000 which sounds like a lot but after taxes that ends up at about $125,000. And she doesn’t continue to get paid after her reign ends so there is no way she would be able to continue the expensive lifestyle she is used to on $125,000 for very long. She couldn’t afford to keep a 25,000 a month apartment in NYC AND a 3.2 million dollar home in LA AND fly first class back and forth between the two. She wouldn’t be able to continue to buy designer clothes and handbags, drive a 300,000 Rolls Royce (which is what she was driving last time she was in LA) etc without Nick Jonas’s deep pockets. Her family is comfortable, they aren’t millionaires or anything.

      • meee

        are you fucking kidding me
        blanda was a no where washed up almost 30 yr old “graphic designer” and now what is she oh yeah getting her own candids / networking in LA cause joe pays for her lifestyle there / and raking in the dough from all the jobs she’s getting g cause people are talking about her oh yeah only cause she’s dating joe Olivia was internationally known (maybe not well known) but known also when do we ever get candids of olivia and nick we get “janda” candids like every other fucking day

        • soft ghetto

          Blanda’s had her own line at Obey clothing way before Joe came along, and Olivia actually modeled for it. slave to the queen.

      • anon

        But Joe pays everything for Blanda tho. Or do you think with the little money she gets she’d be able to afford all the vacations and the house they’re living in, in LA?

  • JJ456

    He is so nice to his fans….

  • Vicky

    It makes me sick that everyone is saying that Blanda is the famewhore and Olivia is little angel here.Fuck off okay! When Joe and Blanda started dating they didn’t take photos or so before they were like 5months dating? or something like that.And there’s Nick and Olivia,there were photos before they started to date and they have been dating 4 months now? and they have I don’t even remember how many photos up and paparazzi photos.Yeah Blanda have her own job and so,but what Olivia have? I don’t remember she’s working somewhere.Only thing I can see is that she is uploading every day photo of herself and that seems to me like she loves only herself.So yeah. No hate here,it’s only MY opinion. Before you start hate Blanda look before Olivia okay and see differences.Okay? Thank you!