Demi Lovato Joe Jonas Eyebrows

demi-joe-jonas-eyebrowsdemi-vampsDemi at LAX under!

The Vamps have teamed up with Demi Lovato to release a brand new single called ‘Somebody To You’. It will get its first play on Capital airwaves this Sunday, May 18 from 7 PM on Max’s show. The Vamps are also playing the Capital Summertime Ball 2014 with Vodafone on June 21 at Wembley Stadium.

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  • Guest1

    Dunno who the Vamps are but any song featuring Demi is good! So I’m stoked to hear it.

  • Diamondskyart

    Her brow look ok.
    Check out my boring blog :)

    • ??

      why would we check it out if it’s boring?????

  • Catherine

    She’s still obsessed with joe..

    • roxanneXD

      obssesed? should be grateful! she is now more famous than him and that gives him a little fame on. he love attention now. sure! he like this tweet lol

      • Anonn

        You are the most pathetic thing I have ever met in my entire life Hun. How are you functioning in the daily life? Like you’re social, you talk with people? Cuz I would find that terribly disturbing tbh. Get a life sweetie. Believe me commenting and hating on someone’s life won’t get you far!

        • hudgens.

          She can comment what she wants just like you can. If you don’t like it, don’t reply.

          • Anon

            YOU should take your own advice

          • hudgens.

            I don’t comment hate. :)

      • lara

        yeah! like ive seen your posts several times and theyre all shitting on joe and his gf and kissing nick’s ass and his gf. at least be less transparent with hate.

    • anon
      • hudgens.


      • Uio

        i love him

    • hudgens.

      How is she obsessed with him when she’s with Wilmer V? Her and Joe are just very good friends.

  • Marina And My Diamonds


  • :/

    the poor thing cannot get over the guy. lmao its sad really.

    • hudgens.

      I sense stupidity.

    • anon

      She’s dating Wilmer doofus. She’s just joking around and so is Joe.

  • anon

    its weird like wilmers took joes trash.

  • sara

    why cant both joke around without it being something else? i like their friendship they care about each other

  • Tash

    After looking at these pics you guys posted. I shall say it again. Be a model Joe !!!!!!!!! Be a damn model !!!!!!!!!!! P.S Yes, I am aware he’s too short for runway. So don’t bother with that comment.

  • Tash

    Joe is just hairy period. But it’s cool, it looks good on him. But dealing with rapid growth is still a hassle(I’d know .. & I’m a girl =( ). It’s funny, I remember we used to say that Joe should do his eyebrows like Nick & Nicks were nice. Only to get better quality images years later & realize that Nick doesn’t do his eyebrows, it’s just naturally like that. If you zoom you can see the faint unibrow & hairs around the thicker part of the brow. He just got lucky.