Selena Gomez Lupus Disease Confirmed

InStyle: AMERICAN BALLET THEATRE'S 2014 Spring Gala - CocktailsSelena Gomez has officially joined Miley Ray Cyrus and Nicholas Jonas to battle living with a life threatening disease. Selena’s grandfather confirmed to In Touch that Selena is battling Lupus.

‘She’s in treatment. She’s getting along pretty good. She was working a lot. She was exhausted. She hardly takes some time out. There was some pressure, first because it’s a lot of work.. she was worried a lot about Justin.

The doctor was telling her she needs to take some time out. It’s just too much pressure what she’s going through. It’s just too much! She doesn’t have a single day’s break.. It’s getting to the point with all this pressure.. that it’s too much.’

Pray that Selena, Miley and Nick live long and don’t die early from illness!


  • Anonymous

    While I agree anyone can have lupus, and that Selena may very well be dealing with it, 2 things 1) How strange that SO many current people at Disney have diseases they can’t control when the norm is to be relatively healthy, no matter who you are, and 2) In Touch is a notorious, lying tabloid that preys on readers that believe what they find interesting to believe. And WTF would confirm something to In Touch…

  • Anon

    Her grandfather is quite the chatter box huh. Anyway hope she stays healthy.

  • FuckHarry

    Why are they talking to the tabloids tho? Like if she wanted it out there she would have had said something herself.


    IF this is even true, why does her grandfather keep talking to the media da fuq.

  • BrokenArrow18


  • honesty

    Well then.

    • shrug

      because it is her grandfather and they have proof they talked to them(see pic) and her team didn’t deny it

      • honesty

        Yeah, I corrected my comment lol. I see now. Thank you.

      • dina

        wow her real dad’s parents, her gomez grandparents , why would her grandfather even talk to the media, wonder if selena herself knew that her own grandpa talked to them!

  • Some Dude

    love when sel’s fam starts spilling tea, this is 2008 all over again

    • Mary

      What did they spill in 2008? I haven’t been following her career that long

      • Some Dude

        Shit I’m thinking 2009 I think. Her cousins (Brandon and Priscilla) misinterpreted one of Demi’s tweets about coat-tail riders and were tweeting about how Demi basically owes her entire career to Selena, b/c Sel gave up the Camp Rock role for Demi. I don’t remember if this was real or not but some hateful fb convos b/w him and selena about demi leaked too. Also I remember one time in 2008 Sel’s grandma was taking stupid tween pop surveys online about who’s better Selena or Miley and publishing it to twitter and Sel’s family tried to play it off like she just got hacked (which idk she might have but like why??).

        • BrokenArrow18

          her grandma also called miley a slut back in 2008 lol they always say they got hacked.


      omg yahhhsss

  • liz

    I don’t believe she has lupus, and I won’t until she makes a statement. The reason she is so lethargic all the time is because she eats fast food every day. She revealed years back that her blood tests indicated some level of malnutrition. And yet, she didn’t seem to make any changes to her diet. Btw, I am not hating– I used to eat crap too.

    • Mary

      She was rushed to hospital once in 2009 (I think) for malnutrition & dehydration. She had to cancel a concert & that started pregnancy rumours. She needs to get a nutritionist & a trainer.

  • anon

    I think Selena will be confirming this in the next interview she gives. She still didn’t have the oportunity since she is on break since December and hasn’t talked to the media. Unfortunately I think it is true because otherwise her team would have denied it. They even denied the “religion obsession” rumour today but not this one.

  • XaskTaylorX

    Hope InTouch is lying because battling a disease is very stressful. I know some people battling cancer especially lupus and it gets overwhelming.

    • iWizard

      What? Lupus is not a cancer.

      • XaskTaylorX

        It’s still a disease of some sort. Other people understood what I meant. My mistake though.

      • from

        lupus is not cancer but is treated like cancer, it depends which one you have, is treated with steroids in which is get you very swollen and the face gets huge. it is also treated with chemotherapy when is too advance, lupus attacks your internal organs if you dont take care of it, streess is the main culpril of end it up in the hospital because is gets activated and it attacks your heart, brain,lungs and joints. but they are 5 different intensity level, the least is the skin one that one is less life threathning.

        • ALESSA

          then i doubt that miley and selena has it

  • Matt


    • Matt

      Oops didn’t post first time.

      • berr

        You’re my new favorite person.

      • iWizard

        Funny that doctors are taught to suspect lupus in most cases :P

      • threelittlebirds

        I love house!

  • johnny

    I hope her grandparents don’t expect to keep getting those “monthly” visits. I’m pretty sure they were paid for this too. SMH. Maybe its a reason she is never chatty about her dad’s side of the family.

  • Chibiusa

    whenever a family member goes to the media I can’t take it seriously

  • Eva

    Selena Gomez does not have Lupus.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    He doesn’t even say she has Lupus but is dealing with pressure, he doesn’t say what she’s in treatment for. And why is her family NOW talking to the tabloids all of a sudden?

    • thecat61

      How much is her family getting paid to talk to the tabloids?

      And lupus isn’t even mentioned in this post. Nick is a diabetic and Miley has tachycardia, which has already been confirmed by herself and her team, that it’s not life threatening.

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        “How much is her family getting paid to talk to the tabloids?”
        That wasn’t even a thought in my mind at first.. but of course.. they’re getting paid. It must be getting rough. Maybe she gave them permission.

  • BangBang

    Money over everything.

  • Tash

    If she does indeed have lupus, wtf has she been doing stressing over a kid that’s fucking himself over & causing his own problems?? I’d be so pissed in that position. Swear, if I were her. Everytime that kid came over, I’d be rifle ready & make him my bitch! Get your priorities right girl!

    • Xyz

      Well that’s what she does. Bieber was her bitch since 2011, the dude got tired of it and wanted other girls she got psycho jealous and bitter and didn’t let him move on so she would just shade him all the time then. Hm this time line adds up lol and at the end of the day he was stressing about her way more in the beginning then she was about him , but people care only about her feelings and victimize her.

      • Tash

        Hey I blame both. Both act like morons & cause their own unhappiness. I’m in no way taking sides. I just think she’s daft to worry about a boy & problematic relationship instead of her health(if she is indeed sick).

        • Eva

          … And now she is posting about Lonely Hearts… sigh…. This never ends.

          • humm

            She is just in her Beatlemania phase. 5 Beatles pics in the last month

  • Zaina777

    Why would her Grandfather spill the beans on her personal life and health without her permission?

  • M

    Don’t get why media and other trash her down, she is amazing.

    • M


  • Danielle

    Whoever runs this site is fucking scum. Sarcastically including that they don’t die early is the sickest thing. I’ll pray for you.

  • dina

    it is all cause of you media people and bieber, poor selena :( I hiope she will be fine! her grandfather should not have talked to the madia at all!

  • dina

    selena has not even said anything yet about having lupus , so yeah this might not be true , we need to hear it from her!

  • unicefvideo
    • tom

      what exactly does she do? just take pictures they dont even who she is! is more like her gaining fame from this! I mean i dont see take nothing or do actual manual labor she just stand there and they give her stuff shouldnt she be giving stuff to do them! with all the money she spend in designer clothes she can actually feed a village maybe that what she should do! do something insteadd of taking pictues the kids didnt even look like they like her company, she look like she was acting it didnt even look honest.

      • asfwer

        Selena is what’s known as a Celebrity UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. Her job is to use her status as a public figure to bring attention to certain causes. It’s common that when these Ambassadors visit the people show their gratitude by giving them gifts. Selena’s goes there to take photos and videos thus raising awareness so that the general public can contribute to these places. She also gains a deeper understanding of the issues by seeing them firsthand and generally the people also like to involve the celebrity ambassadors in different ways (like dressing them in their traditional garb), showing them dances,ect. By being there in person she draws attention but also learns more about the people she’s trying to help so when she makes videos or statements about these causes it’s coming from a more informed and real place. I’m sure she also donates money to the various causes but it would be odd if she were to publicize it every time. People would really say she’s insincere if she did something like that. She’s doing what’s UNICEF wants her to do. As for if she’s doing it for image or from the kindness of her heart I can’t rightfully say because I’m not her. I know that she has been working with them for ages and I’ve seen many photos and videos where she seems genuinely interested and happy and many of the people seemed delight to have her there but that’s just my opinion.

        • wtf

          Be an UNICEF ambassador is promote UNICEF’s work, not her own. You’re stupid

          • asdf

            You clearly need some serious reading comprehension because you didn’t understand anything that I just said. She IS doing UNICEF’S work by bring attention to these different causes. Seriously, learn how to read and how to form proper sentences because you go attacking people’s intelligence unnecessarily.

          • asdf


          • wtf

            oh, sorry. It was for that tom person

          • asdf

            Oh,I’m sorry as well then :).

          • asdf

            I thought you were calling me stupid and trolling me so I got defensive and rude. I ironically made many typos in the process. So again, I apologize for my rudeness in this misunderstanding and I hope you have a nice day.

          • wtf

            it’s ok. I answered to the wrong comment