Ariana Grande Problem Music Video!

  • Some Dude

    Cute but predictable. And the amount of scene cuts there were made me dizzy.

    • Tash

      Towards the end when it was spinning up close, that gave me a headache. HeHe.

    • HellNo

      i now right, all the performances that she did was exactly like that… she could just cut a few scenes and make a video hahahah

  • an

    Big Sean’s mouth is sexy as f..


      there are so many wrinkles in his lips though :

    • guest


      She needs to dump Jai and hook up with Sean now that he is single

      • hudgens.

        Sean is a cheater. lolz

        • honesty

          No, he’s not. He is rumored to be one. Just like ariana is rumored to be one.

          • hudgens.

            Ariana and Nathan were for publicity and Jai didn’t know that — so I heard.

          • honesty

            I doubt they were for publicity. I really doubt it.

          • hudgens.

            Just going by what I heard her fans say.

          • honesty


  • Zaina777

    I love it. It’s cute/sexy. I just don’t think that this is the right way to go if your still on a kids show. Ariana should honestly ditch that nonsense kids show and move on with her life. I’m sure if she did this after Victorious she wouldn’t have gotten that much criticsm. This girl has the potential to be a bombshell she just has to leave her childhood behind by leaving that show and become and proper young woman.

    • Tash

      I don’t think they’ll return for another season. Especially after the Jennette drama. I sense Jennette may be upset with Nickelodeon also. But I don’t think that people having trouble adjusting to a sexier image has much to do with that show. A lot of people don’t know about it or watch it. I’m a big Ari fan & I don’t. The issue is her very sweet, innocent & child like look, as well as personality. She is gorgeous, yes. But she looks really young & is tiny. But I don’t see her having as much of a hassle breaking that ‘child star’ mold. People may look at it weird now or giggle. But I doubt she’ll get hate & a refusal to grow. People mainly know her for that voice. She doesn’t seem the scandalous type either. So I predict her career to be smooth. With the only haters being people who don’t like her for irrational reasons. Like how they think she’s fake etc. Dumb shit with no evidence.

      • Zaina777

        You know what though when you act as a dumb character on a kids show and the real actress looks like this and the your kid says Mom, can I go see Cat/and or Ariana Grande in concert im sure you will look her up and wont automatically say yes,sweetie i’ll buy you a ticket to her concert.

        • Tash

          Well with Bieber, Cyrus, Gomez & 1D as the other choices. I’m sure parents would readily jump at the Ari ticket. Much less controversy & drama. Chances are the kid will leave the concert having heard a quality singer & not tainted by the show either.

          • Zaina777

            I still think some parents would be a little hesitant before giving in to the child and buying the tickets for them. What’s wrong with Selena though? She seems fine as well to me.

          • Tash

            I know you’re a fan, but the outfits, message of her songs, videos are definitely more sexed up, Justin drama. Just compared to Ariana, Ari seems harmless.

          • Zaina777

            I’m not even that big of a fan of hers…i just like her…but at least Selena had a good start. Ariana appears to have an abrupt entrance into fame and and even more abrupt transition to a more adult and mature look..

          • RiriNAVY

            To me Selena’s too basic to ever make it so big and get respect, Ariana can grow into someone very good and appreciated for talent while Selena not so much, she’s just a cute girl with average talent for real. Even the acting is coming to question after all these movies not fitting her but only her role as Alex worked smh

      • threelittlebirds

        I think it was cancelled

  • beepbeep

    Is this what we accept as ‘music’? as ‘art’?
    If so, it is clearly the ‘end times’ we are living in.
    All these entertainers are just corporate pawns serving the agenda to fill the public’s mind with pointless, irrelevant, trash.

    What about music that makes you think? makes you question? uplifts people? unites people?
    Nooooo. it’s just music telling kids to party, get drunk, get loaded, and get laid. .

    • Tash

      This song has nothing to do with any of that. There’s nothing wrong with music that makes you chill & let’s you escape thought for a few minutes. She is also one of the rare true talents & vocalists we have these days. Unless you’d rather Selena Gomez sit at the top. A terrible voice & message. ‘When you’re ready come & get it’. The business is hard. She may not have much of a choice in material either. I at least respect her talent & what she delivers live. And I do consider that a quality product.

      • beepbeep

        Music is dying. Real music is dying. People like you are being conditioned to accept this corporate owned crap.
        “And I do consider that a quality product” Do you realize how moronic you sound to me? lmao. Well, go own and be a good consumer and purchase the ‘quality product’!
        After all that, that’s what it’s about. Getting the public to feed into the bullshit, (buy the product.)

        Long gone are the days when music was tool to carry a message, or bring attention to relevant, significant, important things.
        There should be more outrage.
        But all my generation knows as ‘musicians’ are sell-outs!

        • honesty

          True, but there’s nothing wrong with a cute catchy song every now and again. All music isn’t dead, just gotta know where to find it.

          • beepbeep


          • honesty

            Keep hope alive lol I’m hopeful that some new artists will be able to bring it back.

          • pacmakaveli

            Exactly I’m so tired of this, if you like the 80’s and 90’s more go and listen to them, stop calling out everyone who’s not in your ”standards”. You can’t expect music and music industry to be the same forever, things change. Not everyone is singing about sex and drugs either and is auto tuned as fuck.

        • Elusive Chanteuse

          Well ”real music” term is just… music is a different taste my buddy :P I for example can listen to everything and enjoy in it! I go from James Brown duet with Pavarotti and then to Queen and cry at my dear Freddie M. how good he used to be then to 2pac and Biggie, then switch to Beyonce and Mariah Carey and a little Whitney. I can listen to JT & JB as well and even Ariana cause her voice is nice. It’s all music, there’s no such a thing as ”real music” because it’s a matter of taste and you cannot judge someone by that and tell them it’s wrong. Not every song has to talk about drama and problems and world wars and starving children, there’s enough of things that remind us on how messed up this world is not even music should make us desperate, sometimes you need a happy song to take you away from your shit. It’s like colors are different taste, and just because you prefer red you will say blue isn’t a real color, cause you don’t like it so :) It’s music, if it makes people dance,cry, laugh and happy or sad it’s good. It’s just different tastes.

          • beepbeep

            I’m not implying all music needs to be an act of revolution or activism. MY GOD.

            I’m just saying that I personally am sick of corporate owned, brain dead, sell-out, pollution-music being shoved down our throats & all these mind controlled children that sing what they’re told to and do what they’re told to.

    • Emma Stone

      yes but when i’m up at the gym working out i want this type of shit not stuff that is going to make me ponder life on a treadmill

      • beepbeep

        All I’m trying to say, is that the public (especially the impressionable, suggestible youth) is being bombarded & saturated with a lot of harmful, destructive, damaging, detrimental nonsense disguised as ‘music’ and ‘entertainment’. These kids then emulate their ‘idols’ be it beyonce shaking her ass or some gangster rapper.. The point is, these kids are absorbing& mimicking all the shit that’s being fed them.

        All I want is some more positive stuff. and less if this pathetic garbage that is offensive to real musicians.

        • Elusive Chanteuse

          Most of Beyonce’s fans don’t just shake their ass, the woman doesn’t just shake her ass. See, I was expecting your logic to be like this. Beyonce’s message is so much more people are just close minded to see it, she made an entire album about imperfection and people still don’t get it. Woman owning her own sexuality and being independent is actually a great role model, who’s with a same man for 12 years and didn’t use others to get to the top. She did it herself. Fans don’t really just see shit on music videos and do the same on the streets :) And there’s nothing wrong with ”gangster rappers” I’m seeing this as a stereo type now..

          • pacmakaveli

            THANK YOU! Finally someone!
            Someone who labels Bey as only an ass shaker is seriously delusional and knows nothing about her body of art and her music. She’s probably the only woman in the industry that had no scandals or sex tapes, drugs and 4-5 marriage’s or just drama all the time. I applaud her for dealing with her problems in private and just living her life.

          • beepbeep

            So much ignorance.. lmao. Not surprised.
            That’s hilarious if you actually think beyonce is a ‘great role model’ XD
            All her music videos – especially her recent ones – are great for kids! {young girls}
            I especially love how she endorses pepsi like the good robot that she is:)

            Beyonce, britney, miley , rihanna ,shakira – they’re all the same, really. The only difference is that beyonce is slightly more talented.

          • Barbz21

            You’re the only ignorant here because you obviously know nothing about the actual message of her album for and watch the documentary and figure it out Beyonce IS great role model and her showing off her sexuqlity doesn’t change that. Typical uptight person thinking women should be dressed like nons and they’re bad or sluts if they show skin. Get over yourself. Also Beyonce fans aren’t kids. There mostly grown women and hey perfectly understood her message. Its 2014. Slut shaming women for being free with their sexuality is old and if you think she’s bad for standing against it you’re what’s wrong with this society.

          • SARCASM DOE

            let me add that beyonce singing with jayz ‘eat the cake anna-mae’ is an exellent role model as well!!1!11!

          • Angie.

            She also sings Pretty Hurts,Flawless, Heaven , I Was Here and many more. Get over yourselves. At the end of the day its just music. Its what she does in private that sets an example and she sets a good one.

          • RiriNAVY

            Funny how they pull out only her few sexual songs but then ignore all the ones with a message. Her sexuality is no problem because if you judge a woman by that specially someone like her who is been with the same man and isn’t like KIm K. and call her a slut simply for showing off her body and owning her own sexuality I mean you’re a fool right? I understand people have different opinions but Beyonce’s haters never make a valid point.

  • beepbeep

    Not to mention this video is a pedophile’s dream.
    She looks like a 13 year old giving the camera sexy, seductive stares – batting her fukin eyes all the time, is all she ever fucking does!! It’s creepy & disturbing after a while.

  • Tash

    I didn’t know Sean was on this track. But when I saw the bottom of his face, I knew it was him! :) it’s cool she had him in it. Cute video. I like her music & love her voice. But I still feel that she’s too good for the music she’s making. ‘Almost is never enough’ was her best. The other singles have been fun & catchy but not lasting music. So many artist are mediocre & being given good songs makes their career. It’s disappointing that her material is below her talent. But I guess it’s great also to be known for your talent, instead of the product. You can fool a lot & anybody can have a good song, but talent you cannot fake.

  • I like her but

    I feel like this video is basic her videos are just all of her singing with a background looking all preppy && dancing like I would’ve much rather seen something diff like a video that goes with the song with an actual storyline

  • Jared

    Things I’ve noticed about this video / Ariana Grande:

    1.) She’s really a beauty. But she plays up the baby doll look too much on top of trying, keyword- TRYING, to be sexy and it comes off as trying too hard. You can’t purposely be innocent and sexy at the same time, like she tries to do. It has to be natural. As beautiful as she is, she doesn’t need to try as hard as she does.

    2.) As much as she obsessively has controlled her voice and takes such pride in having that voice, I’m surprised she’s as awkward as she is while singing. Not only does she not lip-sync well, she doesn’t know what to do with her hands, nor her body. How many times did she do the finger-to-the-mouth-or-face pose? It’s just like “Right There” video where she overdid it with the fan thing. She needs to know her movements and her angles. Mariah has that shit down. She doesn’t rely on ONLY her voice- she has subtle movements and facial expressions that take the awkwardness away. It’s as if Ariana has been so intent on showing what she can do with her voice, that she didn’t study anything else. Be a whole star, not an incomplete one.

    3.) Dancing is not her strong suit. Don’t do that.

    4.) This is a really good song. Having Iggy was a great idea. Big Sean didn’t really serve a purpose unless delivered a whole rap verse, because truth be told, either Iggy could’ve did the chorus whisper thing, or Big Sean could’ve contributed the rap. Again.. it’s awkward and trying.

    5.) The whole “I’m so coy and innocent” act is tired. I’m over it. Big old doe eyes, which are adorable, aren’t as genuine when she uses the constant COME HITHER stare while simultaneously acting like, “Oh, shucks! Little ol’ me? Am I being promiscuous with my short dress and provocitive poses? Never!” It’s irritating. Again, classy and sexy only work together when it’s as natural as breathing, and this is just as artificial as your ponytail. You’re gorgeous and you’re insanely talented, YOU DON’T HAVE TO TRY THIS HARD.

    6.) It seems like this video came out too late, no? If it had premiered when the song did, it would’ve made a bigger impact. Also, it seems as if she’s going through the Demi Lovato “I’m going to put out things constantly until I chart or get recognition because my voice is special phase.” Especially since “Yours Truly” (which is a GOOD album! So much better than I expected!) didn’t make the mark you wanted and it was only released 7 months ago. You tried pop baby-doll look with the embarrasing “Put Your Hearts Up” and you tried a pin-up doll slow R&B with “Yours Truly” for your “perfect Tumblr girl image and fanbase” and that didn’t go your way, and now you’re trying innocent go-go dancer with hip-hop. You don’t know who you are.

    7.) I adore you as a singer, and you’re a better actress than you realize. You’re gorgeous. And you could very well become one of the biggest names for this generation as Mariah was for her generation, and be an icon. But you are in the way of your own success. Stop trying so hard, study your craft, know your sound, and become a little more genuine and no one would stop you.

    8.) I’m glad Scooter Braun got you away from the kiddie label, but I sincerely hope he doesn’t ruin your career the way Justin, Carly Rae, and The Wanted’s were. You have the most potential. Don’t let him kill your chance.

    9.) I miss your red hair. It made you different and was adorable. And you pulled it off better than Rihanna or Demi Lovato did. I know bleaching is a bitch, but that could’ve been your signature look, as opposed to the sweater dress you’re trying to make iconic.

    10.) Iggy could’ve been dressed a little more sexier. Of all the girls, she was covered up? Disgraceful.

    • honesty

      I agree with most of this! Especially that the video came out too late. The hype has died around this song, though it’s still number one, everyone was buzzing around it weeks ago.

    • Who dat? Who dat? I-G-G-Y

      I agree with all your points, esp #10. I wonder why they made Iggy wear a long sleeved black top with black pants?! I mean she has an amazing body (that booty) ..seems like they didn’t want her showing up Ari.
      & She was barely even in the video! It seemed like Big Sean made more cameos than her & he isn’t even in the song?! It sucks because Iggy is one of the main reasons why I love the song & was excited for the video.

      • aly

        I think her lip-syncing is bad because I’ve heard she doesn’t like to show her teeth, so her smiles look fake and it looks like she’s uncomfortable there. I agree with the rest, and I think this video should have a story behind it, not those random shots of her dancing and stuff. The music is pretty amazing but the video sucks :/

  • kay

    her dress reminds me so much of taylor swift’s fearless dress tour D:

  • Emma Stone

    This is still my go to song, i don’t even need to watch the video. The song is enough for me.

  • honesty

    This was really boring. Sorry, Ari I love you, but we have seen you do this fifty times in live performances. We were so hyped up…for THIS? She even looked bored herself. I’m disappointed. Iggy had the most entertaining part.

  • WatchOut

    This video is horrible.
    the lip singing is the worst thing I have seen in a video in a long time.

  • Duckyhoward15

    Why no one makes music videos that fits the songs anymore ?

    • honesty

      Good question.

      • Duckyhoward15

        Thank you <3

    • Elusive Chanteuse

      Lack of ideas and inspiration. The latest song that really goes with the video is Beyonce’s – Pretty Hurts and actually has a good message but it got misunderstood by close minded people.

      • Duckyhoward15

        Totally agree with you , I just hate how now they either dance or steal the ideas of old music videos that don’t even go with the song :/

      • HolyGround

        Pretty hurts is definitely my favorite from the album

  • Hollyhysteria

    All she did was bat her eyelashes …

  • ISeeSparksFly

    The way she always tries to play innocent while still managing to do suggestive dance moves or poses is kinda annoying TBH.

  • Hollyhysteria

    She needs to learn what to do with her damn hands, quit batting her eyelashes so much, and learn new dance moves. It’s the same performance to this song every. time.

  • MCFan

    She creeps me out tbqh.

    Here’s a true legend that Ariana tries sohrd to emulate…mariah carey!
    Music video: Honey remix

    • RiriNAVY

      Such a fucking classic. Mariah MADE rap/pop & rnb collabs happen and did that shit first, she influenced all of these females today and they even copy her so much she’s like their Bible and she never gets credit for writing all those damn songs and literally making timeless hits. Mariah is so much more then a singer with a amazing range and whistle register. This womans music is literally the best out of 90’s and her switch to different genre made me love her even more.

  • dlovCyr

    She fails at trying to seduce the camera, and Iggy looks like a transsexual albino.

  • BrokenArrow18

    am I the only one who finds her trying to be sexy funny? lol she’s too cute

  • Stasha

    Whoever came up with the concept, the art director, the video director, all of them should be fired. This probably cost ridiculous amounts of money to make and all they did was create a mess. Poor Ariana. She deserves better.

  • WTF quit it ariana

    Idk if i should be turned on or go and pray for forgiveness BECAUSE CHILD PORN

  • hudgens.

    Looks like her Billboard awards performance.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Why are they trying to hypnotize us?

  • Eva


  • Kurdt Kobain

    no different from her live performances tbh i was expecting more
    iggy is a babe though

  • BangBang

    Kind of boring since we’ve already seen it live.

  • HolyGround

    The song has grown on me but this video was just plain awkward…

  • HellNo

    the best thing in this video is iggy, the rest is trash.. not that i dont like ariana, i really love her voice, but it seems like shes trying really hard and its getting ridiculous. but its a great song

  • Godney

    it makes me feel weird… she looks like a sexy 12 years old… its not right in my mind

  • whindy

    too repetitive, she does the same dance every show, sooo it was kind of like “oh i already saw this” so kinda boring

  • Clauber

    It sounds like She is always screaming