Justin Bieber Is The Fifth Most Disliked Man In America + His Hot New Album Will Be R&B With Urban Influence

Justin Bieber Goes Shirtless In CannesJustin Bieber is the 5th most disliked man in the United States, according to the new E-Score poll. The E-Score survey was conducted using data from 1,100 people ages 13-49, with representation across income, age, and education to reflect a cross-section of the United States.

1. Donald Sterling, 92& 2. Bernard Madoff, 90% 3. O.J. Simpson, 88% 4. Conrad Murray, 88% 5. Justin Bieber, 86% 6. Phil Spector, 83% 7. Aaron Hernandez, 81% 8. Michael Lohan, 76% 9. Eliot Spitzer, 73% 10. Jon Gosselin, 71%

T-Pain told MTV about Bizzle’s new album: ‘The Bieber record is really, really R&B, surprisingly. He’s doing some great R&B music right now, and it’s like literally the best R&B music I’ve heard in years. I haven’t heard music like this since like early 2000s, ’90s. It’s insane. He’s doing really good right now.

We did four songs when he was at my house. So, I don’t know which one he’s gonna use, so, we kinda just went in, recorded. And my homeboy Pooh was there, he’s a fantastic writer; Justin’s a great writer himself.

We made a variety of things. We kind of just went through some tracks, set it up, went right in the booth: I went in the booth, ran through a whole song, then Justin went through and ran through the whole same song, and we wrote like three different songs to each track that we picked. So, it was a very productive night.

It sounds terrible, good luck though!

  • Marina And My Diamonds
  • Marina And My Diamonds
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  • Maggie

    Oh really I wonder why

    • RiriNAVY

      To be higher then murderers I don’t know why. Of you think its fine then well..

      • Maggie

        I didn’t even read the list I was referring to on why he was even on the list. And it was sarcasm.

  • anna

    at least he’s being called a man now. baby steps…

  • Elusive Chanteuse


  • aakka

    1,100 people is not a very large representative sample of the united states.

  • JUG

    So is Justin the most hated perfume seller in America?

  • Tash

    I hope he sticks to the route he took with Journals. May not have been radio friendly but it was his best music in terms of overall direction, the topics & vocals. It was a major growth. Also, Beliebers, please be the ‘fair’ people you preach to the rest of us about being & respect my opinion. It is general, unbiased & not rude (I had to add that because people will attack me no matter what I say).

  • Cali

    We’ll have to see when it comes. There was a crap ton of hype around gaga’s album and Bieber’s movie and they were both like meh. I’m not taking anyone’s word for this one. They’ve worked with him they’re not exactly gonna bad mouth him.
    T-pain lol

    • HolyGround

      Whenever I see t-pain all I can think of is thug story

      • Tash

        I can only think of his ‘voice’ & that Auto-Tune. He was one of the 1st who started that torture!

        • Cali

          Exactly his opinion is worthless with the kind of crap he releases.
          Even bieber is mozart compared to that guy.

  • Tash

    I think I can predict how these tracks will sound. T-Pain is the King of auto-tune/torture, so I’m guessing it will sound a lot like the song Bieber did with ‘Future’, ‘What’s hatnin’ aka the worst song on Journals.

  • no

    It is not that he is most disliked, it is because more people know who Justin Bieber is