Nick Jonas Navy Street Strut In Whittier

nick-jonas-navy-street-poutNick Jonas on set of ‘Navy Street’ TV showing filming in Whittier, CA.

Thanks Christopher! + bonus pix of Kenielle!

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  • Daisy


  • Nany

    He’s beautiful so glad he has hair now


      he prefers the bald look though : luckily his hair grows really fast!

    • JoeJonasTroops

      what would you do if he shaves again? lol

      • cam

        Their father has very thin hair. Kevin hair line has receded on the right side 2/3″. When Joe had his sheared off, you could see it was quite thin all over. He might wear a partial hair piece when he has it longer. To help fill out the thinness. Nick might get his wish in a few years. If that happens it will be so sad, because his curls are just so beautiful.

  • Nick4ever

    Hi does not look very happy :(

    • Lexi Love

      Of course not hes dating HER.

      • delle

        He could have broken up with her if that was the case. He hasn’t. Therefore, he’s happy. Chill out.

      • hudgens.

        Like you know how he feels. ha!


      maybe the had a fight

  • eleina

    Well he should leave her! she is using him anyways!

    • delle

      If he dates a normal girl who isn’t even into anything fame/media related, y’all will still say she’s using him. It would be something like “She’s using him to get her name known so they accept her in Law school” or “she’s using him to pay for law school!”

      It’ll never end. With him or with Joe.

    • hudgens.

      She has no reason to use him. Next excuse, please.

      • roxy

        Yes she does! he has a FAMOUS name, people know who he is! Hello…

        • hudgens.

          People know who she is too.

  • Anon

    I miss him so much!!!! If only he would sing to me once again ♥