Kylie Kendall Jenner MMVA 2014 Promo

Are YOU excited for MMVAs? + Kylie & Kendall out in New York City?


  • iWizard

    I…didn’t get it.

    • honesty

      It took me a minute too. Haha. They’re each trying to get the other to scream by scaring one another in a kind of “who will cave in first” battle then the caption comes on and says “save your screams” revealing to us that they have both been trying to save their screams (for whatever reason) and they use this phrase to tell fans to save THEIR screams (of excitement) for the award show. I hope that explains it clearly enough.

      • Pick

        It’s this stupid award show (mmvas) much music video awards here in Toronto. Save you screams for when you see your favotires celebrite.

        • honesty

          Thanks sweetie, but I understand that. I’m just trying to make sure the person asking understood too :).

          • Pick

            Yeah, after I looked back on your comment I saw you fully explained it, sorry

          • honesty

            It’s ok!

  • honesty

    This was adorable.

  • a

    i have zero interest in them, but this was pretty cute.

  • Kurdt Kobain

    apparently this is the last mmvas :( :( :( :( :( :(

    • ikeepempressedt

      Aw poor Canada.

    • Bon

      Don’t you think they f**ked up much music ?

      • Kurdt Kobain

        dude i dont even know what much music is anymore.

  • Cohen

    Gosh, this promo make them even more dumb! >_>

  • Jared

    It’s not even really the fact that they got this job out of pure nepotism and that all of their success is based off of a sex tape of a famewhore that was sold buy probably the worst mother in Hollywood… it’s the fact that they literally are handed these jobs, and they don’t even try. Could they actually attempt to put some effort into the things they’re handed? Take it seriously instead of obviously using it as another platform that you can brag about in “selfies?” For instance, make people believe that you aren’t just a socialite. For instance, Cara Delevigne is famous because of nepotism. She got her start because of who her family and friends were. But the difference is that Cara Delevigne actually works, or at least tries to seem as if she’s a model first and foremost. You don’t equate her to her background because she has made herself her own person. She takes her modeling career seriously, no matter how wild she actually is. Both of the Jenner girls need to take something seriously, because they will ALWAYS be compared to the Kardashians. Be something more than rich, skinny, and pretty, because that’s all you have to offer. Take an acting class. With the amount of time you spend on Twitter. you have painfully a lot of time on your hands. And then maybe someone will hand you a job because they know you can excel at what they offered you, instead of offering it to you because of your name. If we have to suffer through every no-talent wannabe hosting or presenting something… be a GOOD host and presenter. Not a pathetic one. Because even I’m getting sick of hearing, “Why are they there?”

    • honesty

      Nice point, but realize that you haven’t even given them a chance. Just wait and see what they do first and then we can make comments like these.

    • Chibiusa

      wow someone’s mad lol say what you want about the Jenner girls but to hate on Kim ” all of their success is based off of a sex tape of a famewhore” she made a business for herself and her family off of a boyfriend’s betrayal instead of making nothing off of it and feeling sorry for herself congrats to her

    • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift


    • A

      Idk, Kendall seems pretty serious about modeling, and everything I’ve read about her makes it seem like she is very professional at shoots. Kylie though…

    • Cali

      Exactly none of them are good at anything besides that dumb retarded reality show.

      • AnnieMay

        I’d appreciate if you didn’t use that word, thank you. It’s inappropriate.

  • Chibiusa

    Kendall’s gasp is so fake lol eh she’s not an actress though so I guess it doesn’t matter

  • FuckHarry

    This is v cute I hope they do good

  • Overexposed

    That was cringe worthy

  • Eva

    Did the other one learn how to read?

  • Anonymous

    Great acting skills. wow.

  • BangBang

    Cute and a bit strange at the same time. But who cares, it’s not like it’s the trailer to a real movie.

  • yeya

    LOL, so lame. omg. Honestly, expected something a little better.

  • Pamela Lansbury

    Aw, Kendall is so beautiful!