• Marina And My Diamonds

    It makes me feel funny because she was with Justin; like did she ever hear him being as crudely disturbing as he was on those videos in private?

    • whoknows

      Justin is who he is around. If he is around racists he act racist and if he is around black people he act black.

    • Eva

      I thought about it after all these scandals, it kind of makes me wonder what she is really like and how she could be with him… Does she know?

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        If she does know she more than likely will be quiet about it.

        • Eva

          If Usher and Will knew, then she mostly likely knows also, I would think… It just makes me wonder how naive we are liking a celebrity when we have no idea what they do behind closed doors….

          • Marina And My Diamonds

            Selena even said they became best friends when he was around 15. How privy she was to his ignorance and how much of a pass did she allow him is unknown at the moment; but it’s going to make me look completely different at her if it’s somehow revealed she entertained his actions in any way. If the media is releasing videos like these, what might they have on them together? I’m on the fence about most of my faves now.

          • nojudgewithoutknowledge
  • Zaina777

    Selena is probably tired of her name always being connected to her ex-boyfriend so just stop already with the whole Jelena comments or statements in your posts Oceanup.

    • anonymous

      the funny thing is she did everything she could to be connected to him

  • haha

    As beautiful as dumb

  • Eva

    Selena be like… “Glad I am not with that mess any more.”

  • BritneyS

    She looks stunning.

  • Danthetacoman

    She look high.

  • Truthhurts

    She has a huge fucking face

  • BrokenArrow18

    she always makes me think she’s sick when she post “natural” looking pictures lol