Justin Gaston Emerges Years Later

Exclusive... Justin Gaston & Melissa Ordway Out For Lunch In Studio CityDumb model Justin Gaston and his wife Melissa Ordway out for lunch at Sweet Butter in Studio City, California today. Justin is ‘dumb’ because he lost out on marrying the most beautiful and hottest woman on EARTH, Miley Ray Cyrus. To add insult to injury,

Justin was recently fired from the tv show ‘Days of Our Lives’ and replaced with Robert Scott Wilson. Justin is seen wearing his wedding ring but wife Melissa does not have her’s on. Photos: FameFlynet.

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  • boystan

    he’s always been hot

    • cami

      Yes, he’s very cute. And I would say he’s the smart one for not being with Miley now. She dumped him the night before she went to Georgia to film The Last Song knowing she’d probably get it on with her new costar Liam who she lost the big V to anyway.

  • boystan

    i met lady gaga

  • hhjj

    She’s not wearing her ring because she just off shooting ‘Young and the Restless’ and she doesn’t bring her ring to set, just to take it off, because she’s afraid to lose it. Side note: I liked the old Abby better.

  • BrokenArrow18

    I’ve always liked him.

  • K

    OU’s posts get more and more immature. Who is writing them? A 12 year old? Also, what is OU’s stance on Miley.. Not consistent at all, one minute she is the queen and gorgeous, next she is ugly and slutty. Make up your mind.