Jordan Pruitt DON’T LOSE YOURSELF Featuring Nick Jonas! OMG! Listen Now + Jordan Is Engaged

engagedddddjordan-fiance-2Most underrated Disney star of all time Jordan Pruitt has released an awesome song called ‘Don’t Lose Yourself’ featuring Nicholas Jonas. For those who don’t know Jordan is ENGAGED!

  • moonlight

    the ” dont lose it ” from nick. he just sang one line but his voice is heavenly perfect!

  • Cass

    I love nick (:

  • Necker.

    It’s a beautiful song, it’s not that dont lose it from Nick, he sings during the whole song, he is just the second voice but it’s wonderful, I love Nick.

  • Tash

    This doesn’t sound recent. It sounds like Nick when he was 16.

  • Victoria

    This song isn’t new, I’ve heard it a couple of years If I’m not wrong. However, it is beautiful and they both have amazing voices.

  • March

    AGREED! She really is underrated. I always liked her great voice, music, and personality :).

  • BangBang

    her song “In My Shoes” was a cute a song.

  • jul

    this song is so old