Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber Stylish Mastro’s Movie Date W/ Stalker Sarah!

jelena-mastros (2)jelena-mastros (3)Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber attended a tool convention at Mastro’s steak house last night then hit up the movie’s where Stalker Sarah had found them! Videos of Jelena under!

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  • par

    selena cant carry her own purse? and I thought she said he treated her bad, then what is she doing with him, and she the one all over him, he seem to be walking his own way and you see her throwing herself at him. selena you have no self respect, next time nobody is going to feel sorry for you.

    • anon

      shes so dumb. he’s cheated on her multiple times (yes, someone i know has connections to selenas camp) and she continues to go back to him.

      • lol
        • Cali

          In this case its the money and fame though but LOL

      • but

        “Our Love is Unconditional.”

      • i’mananon

        Lol do you have any proof that these connections exist? Because I could easily say the same thing.

      • Hmmm Nope

        Bullshit son. Bieber never cheated on Selena , keep that delusion to yourself. Anyone who actually believes you is a moron. Selena portrayed Bieber as a cheater just to victimize herself back in 2012 cause she couldn’t handle a prettier girl next to him meanwhile they were already broken up and Barbara had a boyfriend. Bieber obviously isn’t as bad hence why she keeps sucking on him, every tome he was with other girl hngi out he was single and they were broken up, being single and hooking up with someone else isn’t cheating little kid. Selenators still believe their theory about cheating just so they can as always blame it all on Bieber, say hi to your friend who knows Selena’s team lol, her team will lie and sell anything to the press just like they are blaming her drug use on him too. You’re dumb. Have a good day.

    • Cali

      If she makes a complaint after this time she is just gonna look so pathetic

    • humm

      who said that is her purse? just asking

  • ava

    His grandparents were with them at the dinner

  • Hollyhysteria

    This girl…WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK (can be applied to both girls..)

  • yougojelena

    I hope they last a while this time just because it is fun see everyone pressed

  • Mary

    I really hate that face he pulls, he’s going to have such bad forehead wrinkles

  • Zaina777

    This stalker girl is so fucking creepy. I mean get an actual life and stop obsessing over celebrities. As for Jelena…I guess they’re back to dating again.

  • anon

    One thing I always thought it was unhealthy on their relationship was it that they needed be together ALL the time, almost everyday

  • Troll

    Seriously this girl needs help! Stop doing that duck face Selena your not sexy at all!

  • JC

    1st why is he wearing shades on a movie date, and second, selena freaking gomes, i love you, i do! but you are so dumb, you have no self respect and i wont feel sorry for you anymore! jesus can’t she see what’s going on in here? she’s getting hate, more hate every time they go back together!
    i have a friend who was like her, they fought, he was with another girl, he apologized and they were back together, and damn, that was so annoying.

  • javi g

    is that girl sarah crazy? or she’s just another stalkeratzzi.

  • part

    At 0:05 Justin spots the camera, the videos was paused then at 0:07 Selena then puts her arm around him. How funny.

    • tank

      JUSTIN is not even touching her who the famewhore now? selena as soon as she saw the camera she put her hand on him, can it be any obvios, she dont care for him, she cares for his fame thats it! its pretty obvios now selena fans.

  • FuckHarry

    Who dresses like that to go to the theaters lmao

  • part

    Selena has this movie and this “secret project” and Justin has new music, it makes since that Jelena is rekindling they’re relationship now.

    • javi g

      she docent have a movie out. what are you talking about?

      • Mirela

        Yeah she does. Behaving Badly premiered in UK on iTunes, then in theaters in September. Rudderless is rumored to be released this year.
        And by the way, it’s doesn’t. Not docent.

    • lisa

      at this point justins image has tanked, and no one cares about selena, so i think they need eachother, justin needs her to bump up his image in a positive light, and selena needs publicity

      • javi g

        i think almost the same but i think he needs good publicity because of that racist video or maybe more racist videos to come. also i think his pr people told him to go to that church selena goes with that young pastor maybe we will see a different justin. well at least when his not out smoking pot or hanging with little idiot.

        • hmno

          They went to that church together a lot when they were dating and Justin was always close with Judah Smith

        • Barbz21

          Judah Smith was Bieber’s pastor before he even met Selena and he went to church many times before this jelena reunion so lol, you can’t even get your facts straight you talk shit all the time dude

      • port

        why you selena fans keep saying justin needs selena, he doesnt and she certainly doesnt have a good image any longer, she is label as a junkie now, and partying with and cops coming, rehab,drugs and alcohol you all call that good image let me not keep laughthing so hard, right now even miley has a better image than selena. let me let you know selena needs justin but justin doesnt need nothing from her, she lazy and all she does is follow him around, she not even working now, all she does is use his money to go on vacation and dates with him, she the laziest person on disney alll she thinks about is getting high and drunk and and be available to justin dick. sure her she back to virgin didnt last long once justin say come!!! i have no respect for her anymore, and justin dont need her he can get a drug free,gilfriend who cares for him not his fame like selena does, because selena is a famewhore. so justin is helping selena, selena has NOTHING TO OFFER AS OF NOW!

        • lol

          goodness please shut the fuck up. we all know justin is down the gutter. you really fucking think anyone is going to buy his music after all the shit that happened? no. almost everyone hates the kid, he doesnt have any chance at being a serious artist. and we all know justin does hardcore drugs and sleeps with prostitutes. if anyone doesnt have the good image, its justitn.

          • Dumb selena stans

            His blood test showed only weed so no dumbass he doesn’t do hardcore drugs. Dumb Bieber hate wagon talk like they spend time with him,he slept with one prostitute last year get over it. And you don’t know will he sell in future, nobody knows. If he gets his shit together which he is doing already and matures his music he could sell even better. So YOU shut the fuck up.

          • lol

            beliebers are so fucking stupid and you are all hypocrites. how come that person can talk like she knows selena, but then you attack me for saying stuff about justin that is most likely true too? its because you cant face the fact that justin is a fuck up and just as bad as selena. he made his money and now he uses it for drugs and prostitues, and its obvious he still sleeps with them so dont try that shit. you dont know him either lol. and you say that he is getting his shit together every time, but then he fucks up again and youre right back to defending him. even though he doesnt give a shit about you.

          • Dumb selena stans

            Damn you dumbass just proved my point of how stupid you are.
            Typical selena fan twisting my words when you were the first who talked bad
            about Bieber as if you know him, none of what you said is true so I simply
            corrected you. I stated facts, not assumed shit like you. Dumbass, Bieber had
            prostitutes, yes last year one or two that’s it, he hung out with random girs
            when he was single and him and Selena broke up, that’s neither cheating or
            making him bad, he’s single and can do whatever he wants so can she. You’re the
            idiot here who still thinks he sleeps with
            prostitutes, nope. He doesn’t, accept it or not it’s a fact. He’s
            hanging out with few normal girls, and that’s it. As for your idiocity, he’s
            not doing drugs either, his blood test showed he only smokes weed, so obviously
            if you still are delusional enough to think he does hardcore drugs then slap
            yourself with reality. Bieber always got high as a knite, but that’s it and so
            did Selena with him, it’s just weed, relax little 12 year old Selenator and
            stop kissing her ass. Unlike you I state facts. Oh, he IS getting his shit
            together, he didn’t mess up anything since his arrest which was in January, at
            least I give the guy credit for trying. His racist videos did cause bad PR but
            they were old and got leaked,he apologized twice and moved on. So, cut your
            bullshit little delusional kid and accept it that just as Selena isn’t as bad,
            Bieber isn’t either and stop assuming shit and believing your own words with no
            legit proof.

          • Nina

            You’re stupid, what you said about Jb is all from last year, that was the point, none of that is still going on and anyone can tell. They said he is now getting his shit together since he has been out of trouble for a long time, so they said the truth. You’re really stupid. None of celebrities give a shit about fans, so don’t think you discovered America with saying that lmao!

        • lisa

          lmao im far from a selena fan i said they need eachother. justin was just posting pics of other girls weeks ago, the racist tapes leak and now hes going out on dates publicly with selena? cmon

    • idk

      That “secret project” is not coming anymore. It was 3 months ago and she doesn’t mention it anymore. It was something with the Jenners but they fought

      • javi g

        i think that still on. maybe they will edit those easy sluts of the jenner’s because she twitted something that she was making something for the video. i don’t know i have to check with friends.

  • damnthesecelebs


  • ISeeSparksFly
  • Eva

    Selena is such a stupid girl. Finally unfollowed her on twitter…

    • Mirela

      I unfollowed her ages ago. Justin included. They lose followers every time they get back together that leads more hatred every time. I am so sick of this couple. Nobody needs to see you got back together. Leave it a secret to prevent bs from people. It’s really annoying, and it proves how dumb that couple is.

  • Bad

    How she touches him right after they noticed the cameras
    How fucking fake are these two people
    You can CLEARLY see its all fake.
    How poor…

  • al

    my them.

  • laura

    Justin looks like he’s trying to poop but is constipated..

  • Pamela Lansbury

    are they high or…?

  • trort

    elena is bad press for Justin’s career because her team will eventually blame shit on hi

    • javi g

      bad press is the video of him making racist jokes that bad press.or hanging out with prostitutes or sending your bodyguard to attack people that are just taking your pictures. take your pick kid because all the crap he does makes people hate him more.

      • RiriNAVY

        Last time he was with prostitutes was last year stop bringing it up it’s irrelevant now also it was never proved did he order anything to his bodyguard the only recent drama is racist videos old for 5 years which are bad PR BUT still Selena’s team always blames her shit on him so please get your head out of her ass fanboy you don’t want us to criticize her yet you trash everyone else lmao gtfo not all Bieber chicks were hoes stop slut shaming girls that look better then Selena they just hang out with him and chill so shut up already

  • Jinxx.

    Justin looks confused.
    Selena is an idiot.
    Stalker Sarah is like a bad smell you can’t get rid of, jesus.

  • BangBang

    This is all just stupid,absolutely stupid! But just like most of you guys said; if things are over AGAIN and she complains people won’t show any sympathy! Why can’t they just leave eachother alone and focus on their job, family and friends?!

  • BritneyS

    Glad to see them together again.

  • captainamerica

    Smh how do they not get bored of their messy relationship, but still jelena is an irrelevant couple compared to many A list celebrity couples, they’re a joke they just don’t realize it looool

  • BrokenArrow18

    She looks like his mom here lol

  • Godney

    so i guess its official now?