Selena Gomez BREAST IMPLANTS? Selena’s Large Boobs Popped Out Of Tight Bustier During Wild New York City Night

selea-gomez-breast-implants (33)selea-gomez-breast-implants (31)selena-boobieslibaySelena Gomez‘s large breasts popped out of her tight black bustier during a wild night out with new friends that are possibly worse influences than even Justin Bieber! Do YOU think Selena got implants to attract Justin Bieber? Maybe she will get ass implants to look more hooker-like Chantel and Yovanna.

Didn’t Selena say she’d never change herself for a guy? LOL!

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    demi and taylor want none of this

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    It’s like she’s trying to prove something and it’s a bit embarrassing to watch this play out. Especially if this is all over a boy.

    • JC

      idk what’s going on in her head, but what she’s doing it’s not right… one day she’s going to look back and will regret…

  • Kira

    Her boobs don’t look that much bigger but if she did she’s dumb. She doesn’t need surgery, she’s perfectly fine as is

    • anna

      if she wanted to get surgery that doesn’t make her dumb. you’re the dumb one judging someone over their body choices. nothings wrong with breast implants and she looks good.

      • honesty

        Off subject, but I just looked more closely at Chantel and you’re right. Her face is sort of scary. It looks like she got surgery. I don’t know what I was thinking!

        • anna

          haha yeah maybe thats it! i mean i think its ok to get surgery and change your look a little because people should be able to feel better about themselves (hence, why so many people get braces..) but there definitely is such thing as getting too much of something, and too much of anything isn’t a good thing…i think she may have had a lot of facial surgery now that you said that. and a little too much makeup too especially foundation where its more like a “cake face”.

          • honesty

            I agree with your thoughts on surgery 100%!

            That’s definitely what happened to Chantel. It’s a shame because she was pretty. Kim Kardashian went overboard too.

          • anna

            yeah i agree about Kim too. haha it is sad..maybe plastic surgery is addicting for some people like tattoos supposedly are?

          • honesty

            That or maybe they’re just insecure? :[

          • anna

            could be that too. but its hard to imagine an insecure Kim K. but they do say whats shown on the outside may not be whats on the inside.

  • Eva

    Why on earth is she doing this to herself? Honestly.

  • Guest1

    Why does everyone think the worst when it comes to her? Like all I see is her hanging out with a bunch of friends, who btw are dressed pretty fancy too, but you guys apparently see something totally different. I don’t understand..

  • anon

    I don’t understand what she’s trying to do. Wasn’t it just like a month or two ago that it seemed like she was starting fresh and revamping her image and steering away from the party girl image?

  • Ricardo

    She was partying because she went to a business meeting and it seems like everything went right.. and C’mon a little party never killed nobody

    • cantxbxtamed

      exactly people need to LAY OFF. she’s just a 21 year old girl… rich famous and pretty, obviously she’s going to make mistakes. same with miley, demi, ariana, justin… nobody is perfect and we need to stop judging. maybe after years of media attention and disney training selena needed to take a few years to have fun and act her age? miley took 2 years off after hannah and she even admitted they were awesome and she got to live her life. they all need some time to just be young, i know they’re entertainers and people expect them to work but they still need time to learn about life and make mistakes and grow up. I’m a 21 year old and I’ve made a lot of mistakes, and i grew from them. maybe these kids do too.. just a though

  • Ricardo

    I hate when OceanUp post things like this ones but don’t post those ones. Selena driving her fans :/

  • javi g

    it was disappointing to find out she didn’t get a boob job. she only had them to take some air out. but a man can still dream.

  • guest

    At first I thought those stories of her getting a boob job to satisfy Beiber were bullshit :(

  • lol

    In this 2nd pic you can see her boobs look the same as before.

  • lmao
    • honesty

      Here we go.

  • becarefulgirl
  • nobobjob
  • Godney

    Am i the only one that sees nothing wrong with this pictures or her breast?

  • Emmy

    I swear that a man runs this website right now. It has to be a man, no woman ever would write these kinds of headlines. Ugh. When did OU change management. It’s such a dump.

    • javi g

      boys will be boys. and i think this website should give us guys some stuff like that girl yovanna’s in bikini and demi or taylor in bikini all the time. its just a guy’s view. i mean not every day should be gossip.

  • JoeJonasTroops

    too bad everyone ditched her just because of the person she was dating, a best friend shouldn’t ditch you for things like that!

  • Redneckatheart

    They aren’t large, but they are a decent size. And it looks like her top is too tight/small.

  • .

    Have you guys ever heard of padding? She did not get a boob job.

    • kelseyjay

      i’m more concerned about the fact that her nipples hanging out in that picture and she posted it on her instagram lmfao. I can see this as a down hill spiral since she just had her recent split (Again) with beiber

      • Guest1

        Her nipples aren’t showing in any of these pictures. Jesus Christ. And even if they were, who the hell cares? Everyone has nipples! Shocker!

        • Jes

          it actually is in the first one

  • chill

    Give the girl some time to get over her breakup. A lot of girls act like this. I’m giving her a week pass to be messy (but do not overdo it!)

    Now if she goes back to him again… I’ll question her sanity. But I think one thing that made her always go back to him is that she believed he loved her, now it looks like she is finally doubting it, that is why this time she is taking it harder

  • BrokenArrow18

    control birth pills make her look bloated and it also makes your boobs bigger lolz

    • jenna

      I was just thinking birth control pills… if her boobs are bigger at all. It may just be her top. But I started birth control pills two and a half weeks ago and my boobs are already bigger so that is a possibility

  • xo
  • hudgens.


  • behaved selena day
    • Guest1

      Daaaaayum girl. <3

  • hudgens.
    • bullshit

      I would believe if they published it before the pics of yesterday. Also she didn’t get implants

      • hudgens.

        I don’t think she got implants, either. Her boobs have always been that big.

  • noway

    Her breast looks pretty normal sized here and it was this Tuesday

  • aly

    She got implants, her boobs, not even squizzed looked like this, look:

    Plus, in the pic where it shows her nipples it looks a lot like she had implants, when you do it you can’t wear bra for a while so it might show your nipples, and your boobs get “higher”.

  • Clauber

    She always had bíg Boobs no surgery

  • hawkgirl

    guys she is going to be 22. she can do whatever the hell she wants as ladies her age do. Just because she’s a celebrity means she’s going to act much differently. partying is what she chooses to indulge herself in these days. she shouldnt be judged for it so harshly