Miley & Emu Cyrus Kissing Picture

miley-kissing-emuMiley Cyrus kissing her dog Emu on mouth. ‘besties’.

Do YOU think Miley’s other dogs get jealous when she gets a new one?


  • Bad

    You could think she wouldnt have any other dogs tbh.
    She never posts again about them. Once she gets a new one, EVERYTHING is about him. Which other dogs?
    Thats pretty sad actually

    • guest

      Oh, she posts about them on Instagram, in fact Happy is featured today. OceanUp just doesn’t do an article on the other dogs

      • thecat61

        Exactly. She posts pictures of her doggies but OU post them on older posts.

  • JoeJonasTroops

    she’s so perfect!