‘Selena Gomez Is A Complete Mess’

selena-titties (4)yovanna-bieberbieber-chris-brown (1)bieber-chris-brown (1)Selena Gomez is a complete mess over Justin Bieber cheating on her over and over again. A source close to Sel told OK! Magazine: ‘Selena is a complete mess. Justin was the love her life, and she can’t face the fact that their relationship may be over for good.’

Do YOU think Selena should stay with Justin while he cheats? Yovanna Ventura, who Selena is competing with for Justin Bieber’s love and attention, Instagrammed: ‘I’ve built my walls so high, hoping no one can climb them; but you’re making your way up..’

UPDATED with pictures of Bieber and his hoes + Chris Brown.

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  • HolyGround

    “Do YOU think Selena should stay with Justin while he cheats?”


  • hhgfhgd

    Selena is such a pathetic doormat for Justin. She must have almost no self-respect.

  • http://www.twitter.com/ hudgens.

    OK magazine is never right, so..

  • boo

    Selena needs to chill, Justin is not all that.

    • maria

      she is,boo the one need to chill is Justin who have 3 girls his life……

    • maria

      oh that 4 girls.he need to pick one of them.it go to yovanna,chantel,ashley or ella.he need to make up his mind.

  • R3Z

    selena has dated nick , taylor , cameron and now JB WTF make justin sooooooo F****ing special

    I Know You Want This D*** :P

    • maria

      repeat this with me r3z she did not date taylor or Cameron.nick was never a item with selena he did this to make miley upset wish it work that why miley and selena don’t talk.taylor was not dating selena.it was a amigo and amiga dinner.
      WHY CAN SELENA BE A FRIEND WITH A BOY without saying they dating?

  • Guest1

    This is either old or just not true. Ok! Is never reliable. She seems happy now :)

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Jelena is lame.

  • lol
  • JP

    Who’s that girl with Selena in the first pic?