ABC Family Cancels Avan Jogia’s Twisted Renews Switched At Birth For Season 4!

avan-jogia-shirtless-twisted-2ABC Family has canceled Twisted after just one season and renewed Switched At Birth for its fourth seaso. Happy or mad? Avan Jogia recently landed the title role in Spike TV’s Tut mniniseries opposite Ben Kingsley.

  • June

    ARGGG. Why does ABC family cancel the best shows.

  • Blair Waldorf

    I’m so upset, I really enjoyed watching Twisted (although it was far too unrealistic). Here’s to hoping Netflix will save it! And seriously, who watches Switched at Birth (lol)????

  • Gab

    How is switched at birth still on when twisted, lying game, Lincoln heights, and Kyle xy were all cancelled? Wtf

  • BrokenArrow18

    I used to watch twisted then I lost insterest

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    This sucks!

  • R3Z

    first it was the lying game now this fu*k abc must hate their fans

  • Kaelie

    I love this show :( Switched at Birth has gotten boring.

  • Cici

    Never got into Switched at Birth. I always thought Twisted was the better of the two… I think The Fosters is still doing good. I use to be obsessed with PLL but I just lost interest.. it’s just not good anymore. & Chasing life…anybody watching that one? haha

    • laura

      Ugh I started watching Chasing Life in America but it made me cringe. I seriously don’t know what is up with this ‘cancer trend’ and it’s honestly starting to annoy me.

      • Cici

        Yeah that will be the next one to go.

        • laura

          To be honest, I have a feeling they’re going to renew it since cancer is now the biggest ‘trend’ in Hollywood these days. Just like eating disorders were a really big trend for a while as well. Rather sickening if you ask me.
          Also, I am not sure if trend is the right word for it but you get what I’m saying.

          • Cici

            Oh I haven’t really noticed that trend.

          • laura

            You’re lucky then. Lately all young adults books have a character in it with cancer or some other deadly disease, they keep making movies and television shows about it and almost every 12 year old that has watched tfios is wishing to have cancer so they can have a cute little relationship like Hazel and Augustus..
            I hope it stops.

          • Cici

            Well The Fault in Our Stars & what else?

          • laura

            Well you have breaking bad, the big c and chasing life right now. Red band society is a tv show that is coming out soon. Quite a few cancer films have been released the past few years (most recent ones being now is good and tfios) and some new ones will be released as well (lullaby, me and earl and the dying girl and then some belgian, dutch and french ones).

            Because there’s too many books released about it, I’ll just link you this:

            You can see when the books were released :)


    Twisted started off really great, but the 2nd part of the season got really annoying centering around whiney ass Jo and her drama. The plot twists were interesting and I honestly think they could’ve redeemed the show with another season, but alas.
    Happy for SAB though

    • al


  • hudgens.


  • Genesis

    NOOOOO!!!!!!! i dead wanted to know who got shot!!! they can’t do that!!!!!!!! UGHHH that’s the only show i was waiting for :(

  • a

    Pretty Little Liars has been renewed for two more seasons, how much longer can they drag it out? I’m glad The Fosters was renewed its one of my favorite shows. Switched At Birth is probably getting ready to wrap up within the next two years, that is if they get renewed again!