‘Kylie Jenner At Breaking Point Over Plastic Surgery Allegations & Being Surrounded By Self-Obsessed, Fame-Hungry Women.’

kylie-boobsKylie Jenner is heading toward an emotional breakdown similar to Selena Gomez, reports NOW magazine. Insider: ‘The talk around Hollywood is that she’s the latest child star in crisis. She’s trying to put on a tough front, but it’s not working. She’s just not coping well with her parents’ split and she’s close to breaking point over the [plastic surgery] allegations.

She’s a very confused young lady who’s desperately trying to find her own identity in her crazy world, surrounded by self-obsessed, fame-hungry women. She’s convinced her lips can set her apart from her sisters and even has plans to launch her own make-up range one day,

But in the meantime her friends are trying to convince her she’s going way too far. If someone doesn’t step in, she could end up like those child stars who’ve taken the surgery too far and have been through the mill emotionally and physically.’
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  • Guest

    i feel bad for her.
    I can’t be easy being a part of this famehungry family

  • chloe

    at least her friends are trying to maybe help her? i hope she’s okay but this could be total lies and she could be fine lol i actually think her lips look good when they are slightly bigger but not crazy huge like she always does them but when they are just filled out a little it looks nice and suits her. i would love to see what she looks like on a red carpet with her natural lips now that she’s older.

  • Godney

    i want her top, her boobs and her jeans

  • Cali

    She looked completely fine before it’s sad really

  • Deeper Thoughts

    Part of the problem is this pseudo stardom. She isn’t a star; she’s done NOTHING to deserve that title other than being born into a family of attention whores. The media continue to push this virtual celebrity agenda and a lot of people are caught up in needing to be seen. She should be in school instead of on social media. If she does flip out, the media plays a big role.