• Rah

    Narcissus wuz hurrr.

  • Luciana

    I’ve always liked but she seems so desperate these days…

    • Luciana

      I’ve always liked her***

  • smb

    Is that her underwear or a swimsuit bottom. It’s so hard to tell now a days. I’ve always wondered why it’s ok to see someone in a bikini swimsuit but not in their underwear. You see the same amount of skin, and the material in most cases is the same and the same thickness.

  • lalala

    yay so now her ass is also fake. what’s the point of being pretty if half your body is fake, its so stupid.

    • threelittlebirds

      this pic doesn’t prove anything that her ass is fake. you can tell she’s purposely sticking it out to make it look bigger.

      • Godney

        and her legs are also more to the side than her upper body… that pose helps to make it look bigger

  • Cali
  • Cali

    I feel as if scrolling through her Instagram would give me abdominal distress


  • guest

    “Her mom Belinda”

    LOL !!!!!!!!!!

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    The pose is unnecessary, the picture is beyond unnecessary as well. Cute panties though, at least she’s wearing them.