Gigi Hadid Snorting Cocaine At Victoria’s Secret In Cody Simpson Snapchat Story VIDEO?!

gigi-cocaineSupermodel Gigi Hadid possibly videotaped snorting a line of cocaine while at an event for Victoria Secret in Cody Simpson’s Snapchat story. Do YOU think Gigi was really snorting blow?! Watch VIDEO under!

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  • x_120

    maybe Miley is rubbing off

    • thecat61

      Hmm! Isn’t she buds with Selena?

      • ttt

        No. Selena is buds with Cody so does Miley I think. Gigi is buds with Kendall.

        I don’t think Cody would post the video if she was snorting

        • thecat61

          But I’ve seen more pictures of Gigi and Selena together without Cody.

          Circle of friends.

          • ttt

            At events. But it is not like they go at each other houses or go out to eat and shit

          • thecat61

            I know that.

          • threelittlebirds

            How do you know they don’t go to each others houses?

          • a

            Selenas friends let you know about everyone who frequents her house. Cody has been there, not Gigi, yet.

    • Bella

      Miley just smokes weed, Selena is the cokehead

      • Queen Amanda Bynes

        receipts? and no offense but wouldn’t coke make you skinnier

        • Bella

          She drinks like a fish which makes her bloat :/ she hangs out with Cara, you can google pics of her getting caught with coke. Anyone that hangs with these model girls does drugs

      • Electra heart

        There was a picture posted of Miley with cocaine in the studio.

        • thecat61

          How do y’all say it? Receipts?


    kylie gigi miley trifecta of love

  • ikeepempressedt

    No she wasn’t.

  • Ema

    I doubt that it’s possible to do it that fast. One second she was leaning down and two seconds later she was standing up

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      not if she’s a pro

      • Mariane


    • DripCoffee

      No, it’s possible to do it that fast. May have not been a line but a bump.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes


  • Trouble2.0

    Cody Simpson doesnt seem like one to do drugs

    • Bella

      Are you kidding? He looks 45, that haggard face is a walking anti-drug campaign

  • honesty
    • Lo la

      lmao this got her PISSED
      understandable i guess

      • honesty

        I’m glad she shut it down ASAP lol.

    • Baby Slash

      I was hoping for an explanation as to what exactly it was she was doing?!?

      • honesty

        But why? There are a number of things she could be doing and people picked out one: COCAINE and ran with it, she simply eliminated that option from the equation and her denial should suffice.

        And like she said, of all the places in the world, why would she choose to do that in public, at a work event, where tons of people have camera phones and she’s fully aware of paparazzi taking shots of her and Cody? It clearly looks like she’s wiping something off her leg/foot/ankle.

        Cody’s mom just said the same thing:

    • Bella

      She’s mad enough to reply so you know its true

      • honesty

        This is stupid logic. If she didn’t deny it, you’d also assume it must be true, therefore, you are putting her in a situation in which she cannot win. She’s mad because it’s false and I’m sure you’d react the same if a bogus rumor about you was started out of thin air. Cody’s mom even stepped in to explain what happened.

        • Bella

          Only oceanup is reporting it so who cares? she just drew more attention to it. She was probably coked out when she tweeted

          • honesty

            Who cares how big or small the site is that reported it? I’m sure fans tweeted her asking about it and so she was probably like “WTF is this shit” got angry and addressed it. If something false is being said about her, especially about something as serious as drugs, she has a right to correct it, as does anyone.

            You clearly have your sights set on believing that she does coke even though you have no evidence so it doesn’t matter what anyone says to you to refute it, it won’t ever be good enough for you, therefore, I’m ending this conversation.

          • x_120

            The DailyMail, Perez Hilton, E News, ABC, Fox News, People Magazine just to name a few ran her tweets and denial just to name a few after OU posted it

      • Juli

        that’s what i thought…i mean if it wasn’t true would she really care what a blog like OU was posting? idts

        • Seriously?!

          yall are literally so fucking stupid. So because she said it was false, it MUST be true? If you’re going to say that, then you need to be consistent and apply this thoughtless, stupid ass way of thinking to every other area of your life and see how fucking dumb you are. Oh, the light turned red, that MUST mean I should go! The fuck!? Is it Opposite Day?

      • LAChris08

        how very Life of Brian. She says no, she is hiding that she is. She says yes, shes doing it. She ignores it, everyone says she is. She can’t win.

  • js

    I have read many models use cocaine to keep a thin figure

  • hunter

    k I’m sorry but if she wasn’t snorting anything, what was she doing? when I’m at a party and dancing, i don’t put my nose down on a table just cause

    • honesty

      It literally looks like she grabbed her shoe or was wiping something off her foot. Come ON!

      • oceanup2007

        hey gigi.

        • honesty


  • you know

    She was known as one of the coke whores in highschool, hellooo her sister just got a DUI. she isn’t as squeaky clean as she wishes she was

    • Kaitlin Tannyhill

      how do you know that?

  • meliaa

    um pretty sure she’s looking down on the floor, probs fixing her shoe or something

  • guest

    Even Daily Mail has picked up this story,OU might be getting a lot of new traffic because they are huge

  • guest

    Did Gigi ever say what the hell she was doing because it certainly looked like she was snorting Coke and she definitely looked Coked out.

    • roxie


    • Omfg

      Reaching for something on the floor, maybe? She definitely looked coked out?! Bitch, you sound so stupid because she had no drugs in her body. Just shut the fuck up!

  • guest

    Is Gigi part of Coke head Selena Gomez and Cocaine Cara delevingne’s group?



  • roxie

    Yea she was. That is obvious. Maybe Yolanda should have a talk with her daughters.

    • falina

      or a meal.

  • guest
  • The Queen

    well it doesn’t look like she’s sniffing flowers, if you’ve been to a party before in your life you know thats exactly what she’s doing haha

    • thecat61

      Really? Take a look at the picture again….you can see that her left hand is placed on the table with her palm against the side of it….the index finger and thumb closely touching eachother. Where’s her right hand at?

  • Stacey

    To the author of this s__t blog. Shame on you for spreading such baseless rumors. So irresponsible.

  • Rocky & Nelson

    Everyone knows Gigi is a major drug user and her sister is too (she was arrested for a DWI). There are also rumors that Gigi works as a high paid escort which is supposedly how her mother Yolanda met her father. This girls needs to take a break from modeling and get into rehab.

    • lies

      Her father is worth 200 million, why would she need to do something ever?

      • thecat61

        Because maybe she wants to work and make her own money…..and not live off of daddy’s money.

      • Bella

        Her fathers money isn’t paying for her drugs

    • Electra heart

      Leave Queen Yolanda out of this.

  • Stephanie

    Her hand is on the table & looks further away & lower than her face. It doesn’t look like her face is right over the table. It looks like she’s looking down toward the ground at something & holding onto the table while she does this. Especially in the video when you can see the whole picture, it doesn’t look like her face is right over the table. Does no one else see the two cups on the edge of the table that are BEHIND her head? How is she not knocking those cups over if her head is hovering right above the table? Just my two cents.

  • Bella

    Yes she was. She’s not only a drug addict but also an escort

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      lol, <3 you

    • Gtfo hoe

      Hating ass bitch

  • oceanup2007

    totally. this bitch can try to deny all she wants but she hasn’t given any proof to back herself up. she was so quick to jump on ou you’d think she’d come up with something like…….putting in a contact lmao. there’s no other reason as to why she’d be so close to a table like that. unless sniffing tables has become the norm.

  • Chris Scott

    Wow! How can you guys make up such damaging false crap and not get sued!? It’s so obvious in the video when you pause it that her face isn’t even near the counter, you can plainly see her head is to the right of the counter with her left hand hanging on to it for balance as she bend toward the ground, and there is nothing on the counter even resembling drugs. Liars, liars, pants on fire! You should be ashamed of accusing someone of something so disgusting! I hope she takes you to court for defamation!!

  • Gigi-joke

    Okay, then someone please explain why she was face/nose down on the counter/table for a few seconds?? Not my business, but it looks incriminating to me. Just saying. Can someone explaine that action for us? I’m assuming it’s normal behavior to stick your face down on a table for no good reason…LOL!

    • BB

      I have to admit, it looks bad, and I was convinced. But pause it at 0:05… you can clearly see her hand holding the edge of the table, and her nose is nowhere near the “glass” or table top that she’s supposed snorting cocaine from – in fact it’s well *above* the table. While cocaine and the modeling/entertainment industry go hand-in-hand, she is innocent this time. Poor girl

    • Ldany

      Totally my thoughts, why would you do that if its not for snorting, couldnt find another believable reason

  • Jojo

    If she was not snorting cocaine
    than what was she doing?

    • thecat61

      Go study the picture some more… many people hold on to a table to snort coke?

  • Trishy G

    If she was doing Coke, her other hand would be closing the other nostral, not gripping a table. Furthermore, there’s no Coke, straw, or any evidence of drugs at all in this pic. Ya bunch of assuming muthas. If I had to guess, looks like she’s kissing the table or maybe kissing a pic on the table? I don’t know what it is but it’s black. Coke is white. She could be doing a shot with no hands? Who knows, but it certainly ain’t Coke.

    • Tipsy McStagger

      u dont need a straw to always snort coke i seen people do it right off the table