Insider ‘Selena Gomez Drinks And Just Sits There Staring Off Into Space And Crying’

selena-gomez-crying0-Justin Bieber not defending comments about Selena Gomez’s sexual promiscuity at Comedy Central’s Roast reportedly triggered her back into her pre-rehab lifestyle of drinking and partying (She needs Demi’s help again!). An insider close to Selena’s circle revealed to CDL:

‘Since the roast was filmed, Selena has been a wreck. She has partied every single night, she sleeps like the entire day away and then goes out and drinks and sits there staring off into space or crying. Everyone is scared she is going to wind up back in rehab.’

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    i believe it!

    • ali

      ofc you do

  • Anon

    That girl has used/hurt Demi so many times I bet Demi wouldn’t help her even if she wanted to. She was a real friend to Selena unlike the hanger-ons she surrounds herself with now. She’s just using Zedd too…….. It’s so obvious. Poor guy……. The people around her need to stop enabling her before something really bad happens…….. :(

    • x

      excuse me… do you personally know Ms Lovato? do you? demi herself has said multiple times that selena was, indeed, there for her. they drifted away, many people do, and sometimes there’s really no explanation for that at all. i wish people would stop assuming that one of them did the other wrong.

      • Anon

        What if I do? All Demi ever said was she called when she was in rehab. Pretty smart on Selena’s part if you ask me because where was she after that? She got all the credit for calling once, but did she visit? Did you see her do anything other than suck Justin’s dick or kiss Taylor’s ass?

        Think about it. Where was she when Demi’s dad died?

        The last time anyone saw them together was when Selena was going through her shit. Everyone thinks Selena is innocent but anyone that knows her or at the very least can see through her can see that she’s fake. Plastic.

        You know it’s bad when Justin Bieber won’t put up with you anymore.

        Bye Selena, have fun with no backbone Zedd

        • ali

          how do you know that she was not there when Demi’s dad died? If it wasn’t for Demi herself who told in interviews we would never know she called her in rehab.

        • Trouble2.0

          You act like you know both of them personally, you don’t. So sit the fuck down.

    • guest

      I think Demi was indeed a good friend and learned the hard way that Selena is nothing but a user who uses people.

    • ali

      What Zedd has to do with that? It doesn’t looks like he is part of Selena’s life anymore. They had a song to release, they did and now each one followed their way. You know nothing about Demi/Selena too. Shut up

  • ali

    If she drinks it is on the comfort of her house because I doubt she could go out and get drunk and cry in public and not being photographed.

  • Selena ytd
    • Baby Slash

      Those breasts are making me gay.

      • OCEANUP

        i’m starting to dig her voluptuous new body

  • Trouble2.0

    I highly doubt this is true. She has been seen the last couple of days and looks perfectly fine. People are just trying to bring the Jelena drama back.

  • Trouble2.0

    CDL is just like hollywood life. Full of BS.

  • so

    Rumor is that they will show the Jenners vs Selena fight in the KUWTK. The girls telling their version? Selena does not appear, of course

    • thecat61

      I’ll make the popcorn.

  • Antara Chowdhury

    Yeah right, if she were going out and partying every night there would be pictures. But there aren’t.

  • Rah

    Sounds like a typical break up to me. Except worse because everyone is talking about it and making shit up.

  • Gottlent

    Celebrities can fake a smile on camera but that doesnt mean people wont find out sooner or later. This story may or maynot be true but then again Selena has always been a dishonest fake person. She says one thing and then later find out with proof that what she says isnt true

  • She been needed Demi

    I don’t think Demi && selena friendship was fake at all because you could see how much they loved eachother hell they’ve known eachother since they were 7 && they moved to Cali together w/ their families and lived together.I do think out of the both of them selena has changed the most I think selena loves the fame life && Demi not so much but I think selenas a sweet girl but she does seem to lie a lot && I think they drifted apart && selena seems to have friends that don’t seem to really care for her like kendall them dnt seem to really care for her it’s like she be trying to fit it with them but I think taylor cares for her but I also don’t think Taylor’s the type to call her out on her shit && Demi is lol you know her and that’s prob why they fell out I think they’ll makeup though they’ve known eachother for too long && love eachother to much