Zayn Malik Quit One Direction Tour Over Cheating Rumors According To His Sister Safaa

zayn-quitUPDATE: The Safaa Instagram account is supposedly fake fan account!

Zayn Malik’s sister Safaa Instagrammed: ‘Don’t worry guys, Zayn is going to be okay very soon. All the stress has just gotten to him because of the rumours and hatred he has heard and received, It’s really hurting him, some people are just giving him to much.

People need to realize my brother is human to, stop hating him because he hasn’t done anything to anybody, except for defending himself because of what people heard of what he did, but it isn’t true.

I love my brother to death, & I do not want to lose him for anything, it hurts me to see him not feeling good. Please pray for my brother, please help him because I know he will be okay❤️ please stop sending him hate and getting on him for what he has ‘did’.

Source told People: ‘Zayn is exhausted and just needs a break. Out of everyone of the boys, he’s the one who struggles dealing with being in the spotlight the most. He can’t cope with the level of scrutiny he gets put under. He’s just 22.’

He’s going to stay with family in England who are really concerned.It all stems from photos that hit yesterday of him with a fan which caused huge problems with his girlfriend, Perrie. The media accused him of cheating and he exploded over it. He’s had enough of the constant craziness.’

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  • honesty

    Yes, we understand the difficulty of the position he’s in. At the same time, so should he, and in turn, stop doing stupid things thinking he won’t get caught. THAT way, we won’t have these problems.

  • done, tbh

    Literally not the first time he’s cheated. This is just the first time anyone has cared. Why? Because the little fcuk is engaged. Yeah, he’s 22… time to stop babying him and tell him to get off the nipple. He can’t go run and cry everytime he shits his pants. This is his fault, and he needs to be a man about it for once! (this is coming from someone who has been a fan from the start. I’m tired of everyone talking about Zayn as if he is a God, as if he is better than every other person. He isn’t…. end of story.)

  • Baby Slash


  • ali

    In my opinion he was on the edge, stress maybe, and this was a way their management found to send him home to get help and dismiss the substance abuse rumors. The cheating was too public, settled

  • GetItTogether

    HE HAS ALWAYS HAD A HARD TIME DEALING WITH FAME. BUT COME ON. U POSED FOR A PICTURE WITH THE GIRL U WERE SUPPOSEDLY CHEATING WITH. A VERY COSY LOOKING PICTURE. U R LOW KEY ASKING FOR ATTENTION BY DOING THAT. OF COURSE THE THOT IS GONNA POST THE PIC ON SOCIAL MEDIA. THATS WHAT THEY DO. So is he trying to save himself or his relationship? Because if he has been on the edge. Then there is something eating him up and he needs to heal himself. Is he happy being engaged? Like really happy? Is that what he really wants at this time? FAME IS A TERRIBLE OVERWHELMING DRUG. It will chew u up and spit u out. Poor band members too that have to deal with this and poor perrie. Will she stay this time AGAIN? Like he needs God. N he needs to work on himself so he is not too stressed and overwhelmed with his own stupid actions.

  • TooMuchForNothing

    I just read somewhere zayn and louis were asked to pay 5000 each for their weed bond from smoking in the Philippines last year or they wont be allowed to perform. Maybe he thought that was stupid and he was really pissed so he said he isn’t paying for that and just left???? Or they had to take a drug test n he couldn’t chance it???

  • anon

    It didn’t really seem like he wanted to be on tour anyway, tbh. He’s just using this as an excuse to justify getting out of it without making everyone angry.

  • laura

    I don’t get why they’re on yet another tour. It’s half-assed and neither the lads, nor the fans seem to be particularly excited about it. Their management is just trying to get as much money out of them before they break up. It’s not that strange it’s all too much for Zayn.
    That being said, it’s his own fault. Shouldn’t have cheated in the first place tbh. Sucks for the fans, too. But idk their management just seems like a bunch of assholes who care about nothing but money. Same is going to happen to the 5SOS boys, if you ask me. They needed someone to take their place..

  • natasha

    Pffff poor Zayn , how old is him 13? Damn looks like Miley cyrus has more balls than this boy, she break up her engaged a.lor of sh** happen but she made her job ! And didnt cry every time for christ of sake !, he is too old for that excuses .