Zayn Malik Quits One Direction Tour!

zayn-quitshpmmsShit just got real! Simon Jone: ‘1D statement: Zayn has been signed off with stress and is flying back to the UK to recuperate. The band wish him well and will continue with their performances in Manila and Jakarta.’

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  • Rah

    I’m all for people putting their mental health first, but this is super unprofessional, and looks like he’s running away from a cheating scandal. Now, I haven’t seen any proof that he’s cheated, but this and the tweet make him look guilty as fuck.

  • Trouble2.0

    Why cause he was caught “cheating”?? Okay


    What stress though….? Being in a cheating scandal..? That’s super unprofessional and unfair to the fans who paid shitloads of money to see him. Being on tour is not only a privilege, but a work commitment.

  • x_120

    no surprises here queen Miley predicted it. Harry will be next

  • MollyBD

    Sounds as if he might be headed to rehab. PR people always say it’s stress.

  • Electra heart

    Not the biggest fan of 1D but maybe there is more going on besides the whole cheating scandal. He’s still the most attractive person ever.

  • Juli

    I guess he was already sick of being on tour all the time and used this cheating scandal as a way of getting out. I bet he’ll be quitting the band soon, he hasn’t looked very excited to be part of the band in years.

    • Mel

      I totally agree, i think it was just a plan all along for him to get out.

    • nelav

      actually in the last concerts he was really enjoying it, i think he just flew bc he wants to sort the things out with p

      • Sterre

        Exactly, and this tour is much more laidback in the setup than their previous tours in the sense that they have a lot of time off/days off in between performances. Besides, if he was that stressed, then why go out the night before you have a show or even after your show? If you’re dead tired you’ll sleep instead of party. It’s either fixing things with Perrie, or it’s something worse like rehab and I really do hope that’s not the case.

        • x

          there’s a difference between been tired and being stressed. dancing helps a whole lot to release stress.whether you choose to dance alone in your room or go to a party, that’s up to you.
          it looks to me like like he’s either done with this or trying to save his engagement, or maybe both.

  • TruthHurts

    When the tour started he had tweeted IT FELT SO GOOD FOR HIM TO BE BACK ON STAGE . HE LOOKED WAY HAPPIER COMPARED TO OTHER TIMES. Because sometimes he looked like he didnt care less about being there. Like he was forced. Maybe his fiance threatened to leave him so he is showing he is serious about them by quitting the tour? Perrie just gave an interview on how difficult it is to see each other. Maybe he is trying to play super hero with the relationship cause he messed up by cheating. BUT MOST LIKELY PERRIE WASNT GONNA LEAVE HIM ANYWAYS. She hasnt before. Nevertheless quitting the tour makes him look shady. Hope he is healthy and not on drugs like people say. Or if he was hopes he doesnt go back.

  • PerrieEdwards

    When something like this happens and it’s exposed to the whole world, it gets tough. He’s so in love that taking care of that is way more important than work. If people didn’t make up stories/headlines about him cheating, it wouldn’t have to come to this. Stories like these ruin lives. He was just partying and having fun like any other guy his age, but unfortunately people assume and never get to hear his side of the story.

  • Hollyhysteria


  • BrokenArrow18

    I’d return my ticket

  • Faith

    Kinda saw this coming. I’m not surprised at all. The cheating stuff sounds a lot like an excuse to me. He didn’t seem to wanna be there anyway, this just gave him a reason to leave.

    • x

      i’m not a fan of the band, so i’ve never seen them live but i’ve seen a couple of videos from their shows on youtube, and tbh none of them ever seems to want to be there. idk