Harry Styles And Zayn Malik Cried On The Phone Together 24 Hours Before Zayn Officially Quit One Direction

tumblr_miou1hOGxY1ruh1qno5_250tumblr_mohghpvsPB1rkmgaqo4_250goddmanlouHarry Styles called Zayn Malik crying just 24 hours before the official statement was released about Zayn quitting 1D. Insider told REVEAL: ‘They were both in floods of tears. Harry was hoping to talk him round and get him back on the tour. He had no idea he was going to drop the bombshell and say he was leaving.’

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  • http://oceanup.com OCEANUP

    poor bbs

  • ikeepempressedt


  • Faith

    Oh please, he didn’t die, he just left the band.

    • honesty

      It’s a life changing decision, very emotional when such a big change happens. It’s almost like a family member literally getting up and leaving, they won’t always be together anymore. That hurts.

      • Faith

        Sorry. I’ll admit I haven’t been in a good mood lately so I’m not very sympathetic. You’re right though even if he eased them into the decision it still sucks. You still know things won’t be the same and fans making it more stressful aren’t helping.

  • live.love.learn.

    Don’t know how much truth there is to this, but my Zarry heart wants so hard to believe it </3 my bbys

  • honesty

    I believe it.

  • Juli

    i don’t think this is true because i suppose zayn planned to quit, he didn’t just decide to do this overnight. idk but telling them over the phone that he was leaving would be a dick move. imagine your best friend telling you he’s leaving (for example) the country over the phone, i’d be hella mad and disappointed. i think the boys knew about it bc zayn probably explained to all of them why he made the decision to quit. but if he did tell it to harry alone on the phone…than that’s just really unfair to the rest of the boys and to harry as well i mean you don’t drop a bomb like that over the phone?!

  • Baby Slash

    They all knew Zayn was done. In fact Zayn was doomed a long time ago. I kind of predicted this when he tweeted #FreePalestine.

    Everyone else deleted or backtracked on their Palestine support except him. I don’t want to spell it out… But… yeah.

    • lmao

      lol. Just the same as Jon Stewart. ll the Free Palestine celebrities are being get rid of under the guise of ‘the need for normalcy’ ‘retirement’ lol.
      don’t mess with Israel bitches.

    • Kayla

      omg. i had forgotten about this. in fact all of zayns ‘supposed problems’ suddenly came out after that tweet.

      • huh

        so he was black balled in hollywood because of that tweet? i dont get it?????????