Demi Lovato Supports Iggy Azalea After Nose Job And Bad Press Tarnish Her Reputation

demi-nosetranishgndtfDemi Lovato support Iggy Azalea and her engagement after her nose job and bad press tarnishes her music career: ‘Could not be happier for this woman..

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  • Marina And My Diamonds

    She’s a mess.

    • ~ like NEON LIGHTS ~

      Oh I’m a mess right now..
      – sorry, I had to. :D

  • millerz

    I need to stop going on this site. Whoever runs it is such a Bully.

    • GentileJewel

      What do you mean?

  • x120

    Demi is annoying and needs to revamp her image until then I can’t take her seriously if all she ever does is moan about her drug abuse and eating disorder history. Like okay we get it move on and go back to what you do best which is making music

    • Marie

      You don’t have to listen. She’s helping young boys and girls who have the same problems. She’s helping make the world a better and safer place, just like other advocates are.