Justin Bieber Naked Shower Picture, Did He Shower With Selena? Is Jelena’s Thirst For Attention Unquenchable?

justin-bieber-naked-shower-pictureJustin Bieber posts naked shower photo. Is his thirst unquenchable?

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  • Trouble2.0

    They do seem kinda similar but I doubt it has anything to do with Selena’s.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I can see his basketball shorts.

  • tay

    I think he is just playing to get people wondering. But who cares?
    A human being need to like attention to be a pop star

  • BritneyS

    Maybe they do music video together.

  • Juli

    Justin is always doing these weird shading things with her…why…just let it be shithead…but when it comes to him no one says he hasn’t moved on, it’s only selena who’s ‘mentally broken’ or sth bc of him. to me he acts way weirder, like randomly mentioning how good she looked and making weird posts on IG…

    • tru