Miley Cyrus Grabs Lunch and Some Frozen Yogurt with Mom

Exclusive... Miley Cyrus Grabs Some Lunch & Frozen Yogurt With Her MomWe have some photos of Miley Cyrus hanging out with her mother, Tish Cyrus, yesterday afternoon. The two were seen grabbing salads, joking with other diners eating their lunches, and then finally finishing things off with a couple of frozen yogurt sundaes.

Miley was wearing a loungy, yoga-inspired top and zebra-striped harem pants. Also in a few of the snaps, one gets a good view of the short braids/cornrows that the popstar has been experimenting with lately.

Our main question? Who knew that Tish was a Sammy Hagar fan?

(Photo credits: Javiles/FameFlyNet)

MIley Cyrus and Mother Tish Cyrus



  • javi g

    hate that look on white girls. latinas and black girls look better. and hotter. miley looks like she’s going to sell pot.

  • hannah

    white people really need to fucking stop with the corn rows bullshit, it ain’t cute.

    • fgfgdfg

      It looked good on Bo Dereck.

  • thecat61

    Damn, her hair is getting long!

  • conf

    A day she looks too skinny the next she has a double chin

  • Cici

    She looks like shit…as usual.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    There’s not a lot of people who can look good in those pants.

  • Nina

    Again with this shiz. I thought she was over this. Smh

  • unreachableforyou

    I love that hairstyle