Miley Cyrus Rocked the “SNL” Stage But Mocked Her Own Dreadlock Extensions

Miley Cyrus SNL 3On “SNL” last night, Miley Cyrus did her best to turn two trippy songs – “Karen Don’t Be Sad” and the “Twinkle Song” off of her controversial “Dead Petz” album – into emotional, gripping theater. And she might have actually pulled it off for many viewers – though others no doubt were still scratching their heads at the end of her two sets.

Just by the strength and conviction of Miley’s singing, the pop star made her two musical spots the high-points of an otherwise pretty tame episode of “Saturday Night Live.” Miley performed a powerful live debut of “Karen Don’t Be Sad,” fronting a band composed of band members from the Flaming Lips dressed in furry animal costumes. For her second song, Miley accompanied herself on piano for an equally odd but emotionally raw debut version of “Twinkle Song” that ended with the singer in tears.

For both performances, Miley wore huge hairpieces so large that they went beyond any normal definition of wig. For “Karen Don’t Be Sad,” Miley wore a weird hybrid of blond dreadlocks, braids and decorations that draped to the floor and up her mike stand. But for “Twinkle Song,” the wig was so large that it actually became a massive cover for Miley’s piano that looked like a cross between a nest, cargo net and giant spider web.

You can take a look at Miley’s performances in the videos below.

What did you think of Miley’s performances? Do you think Miley was sending a mocking message to critics with the wigs that she was wearing, or was the look just another part of the trippy theater?

(Photo credit: Youtube)

  • thecat61

    Mocking! You’re starting to sound like the old OU!

    Great performance

  • lsajf

    There are critics and then there are people of color telling her the truth about her cultural appropriation and dismissal of poc in general. But to a privileged white girl they’re all the same. But she saves wolves so she’s a good person by default of course.

  • BrokenArrow18

    Didnt like the yelling part but I loved the beginning. Loved Karen don’t be sad as well!.

  • laura

    She looks like some evil water nymph/Ursula idk what the fuck this is.