Comedian Stephen Fry Calls Little Mix’s Music “Hideous, Toxic”

Stephen Fry Hates On Little MixBritish comedian Stephen Fry stopped by BBC Radio 1 to give his opinion on todays hits. The host played three songs for him to judge. Before starting, the “V For Vendetta” actor admits “I don’t know the names of anybody, I’m not interested,” when asked for his thoughts on today’s music. “There’s someone called Edelia, Adelia…Adele,” he adds, “I’ve heard of her.”

The first track is Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself.” “I quite like it it’s quite sweet. It’s that rather dreary moany…they all do that,” he says before he admits Justin’s voice wasn’t as bad as he’d thought.

The second is a guitar moment from the band Slaves, which reminded the 58 year old of his teen years. Last, the host plays a snippet of Little Mix’s “Love Me Like You.”

“Horrible, oh horrible,” he says, “It’s just bubblegum pop…oh their not still singing “shalalala” are they?…It’s a hideous, toxic compound.”

You can listen to the whole interview here.


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  • Sara

    he also thinks Zero Dark Thirty is the best movie of all times

  • Lo la

    I’m so sick of old white men having opinions…

    • lol

      you are really so stupid.

      • Lo la

        thank you i love being stupid

  • laura

    I love Stephen Fry tbh. It’s not like he’s lying tho.

    • Raquel

      I don’t think that when it comes to music someone can just speak the truth. They speak their truth. I happen to like Little Mix and don’t think their music is hideous. And I don’t think that just because this guy said it, suddenly it’s true. I just think he could’ve been a little nicer. You don’t have to say you love it, but you’re just insulting someone’s hard work by saying that.

  • Juli

    omg how is pop music toxic??? i feel bad for these obnoxious, boring people…go have some fun, old man

  • Micaela Bordon

    who cares your opinion…