Not Everyone Loved Lady Gaga’s Tribute To David Bowie

Not Everyone Was Cool With Lady Gaga's Tribute To David BowieLady Gaga honored David Bowie during last night’s 58th Grammy Awards. She performed the late singer’s big hits in a technology-driven medley, and went through quite a few Bowie-inspired wardrobe changes.

David Bowie’s son, Duncan Jones, didn’t seem to enjoy the tribute and tweeted a shady comment that referenced the word “gaga.”

Watch Gaga’s performance and see Duncan’s Tweet below.

(Photo credit: Entertainment Tonight Instagram account and Duncan Jones Twitter account)

Not Everyone Was Cool With Lady Gaga's Tribute To David Bowie

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  • thecat61

    First off…who picked her to do this? Should’ve been a David Bowie cover band.

    • Hell’s Bells

      I would have loved to see his peers, friends and family do it. They would have delivered a less … Thirsty performance and made it emotional or a celebration of his life. This just seemed like a Parody more than a Tribute. And Duncan is right, David deserves better than this from us.

      • Sal

        Las Vegas show came into mind. David was dramatic and out of this world but this was just ridiculous and lacked direction. if your going to do a tribute, at least consult family first

  • laura

    Gaga needs to know when to tone things down..

    • Godney

      this could have been such a good tribute if she didnt have to try so hard…
      it could have been just her singing with emotion showing in the back his career and it would have been simple and better.

      • laura

        Right? She’s so talented tbh she should’ve kept it simple.

        • Godney

          but then again she is gaga… she had to make it about her.

  • Godney

    what did i just watch?

  • anon

    David Bowie must be looking down like…smh.